The top five Peruvians who play in Europe

The top five Peruvians who play in Europe

The level of Peruvian players has been improving in recent years. Enough to export a lot of players around the world could be something unthinkable a few years ago. A) Yes, especially in Europe, it seems that the figure of the Peruvian player has appreciated. In Colgados tell you who the top five Peruvians who play in Europe.

1-Jefferson Farfan

The “little seal” Farfan and it has spent many years in Europe, in particular over a decade. He came in 2004 to play in the Dutch PSV where he was 4 years until 2008 when he signed for Schalke 04 which still. by trajectory, terms, qualities and name is one of the best players of his generation Peruvian.

2-Claudio pizarro

Peruvian veteran striker continues war on the continent, nothing more and nothing less than a giant like Bayern Munich although his career is long. It is the top foreign scorer in Bundesliga history, something which is not surprising since except for a step by Chelsea, has virtually his entire career in Germany where besides Bayern, He has also played in two stages Werder Bremen.

3-Carlos Zambrano

Germany is definitely the favorite destination for Peruvian football players to play in Europe. Like the two previous list, the third also played in the country's Merkel. This is Carlos Zambrano, central defense 25 years playing Eintracht Frankfurt . Before he played for Schalke and St Pauli developing his professional career in Germany.

4-Juan Manuel Vargas

Juan Manuel Vargas takes behind a long career in Italy. He arrived at Calcio Catania to play and then sign for the Florentina 2008. After a season in Genoa, he came 2013 to Viola.

5-André Carrillo

André Carrillo came in 2012 to Portugal to play in the ranks of Sporting Lisbon where it has consolidated. His performance convinced the Portuguese capital of the country where the Peruvian end has become one of the players most closely watched by other European clubs.

Andre Carrillo is highlighting in Lisbon.
Andre Carrillo is highlighting in Lisbon.
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