Bundesliga 2013-14: the best and worst of the season

Bundesliga 2013-14: the best and worst of the season

The Bundesliga 2013-14 will go down in history for being the fastest to decide. En el mes de marzo, Bayern Munich revalidated the title at the hands of Pep Guardiola, leaving the fight for Europe as the most important resolution. It was a competition that, as always, brought the appearance of brilliant players, the enthusiasm of the stands and the organization “made in Germany” as hallmarks.

It is difficult to predict nowadays where the Bundesliga stands. Many point out that it has already surpassed the League as the second most important league championship, only behind the Premier. Others attribute that the “middle class” It is still far from that of other countries.. Either way, there is something clear. The Bundesliga no longer leaves anyone indifferent.

Lo mejor:

  • The first part of Pep Guardiola's season at Bayern. Until the month of March, the muniqués team was a perfectly oiled machine with an excellent defense and a devastating attack. A team that until crowned champion devastated everyone who put themselves ahead.
  • the stadiums full. Again, the Bundesliga was an organizational success, of public. See the venues to the fullest, the fields in excellent condition was a delight. In few countries football is lived like in Germany and once again it was demonstrated.
  • The appearance of young talents. Goretzka, Draxler, Gotze lead a batch of incredible German players full of future. Germany can be calm and the Bundesliga more with the level of these budding stars.
Draxler and Goretzka, two players with a great future.
Draxler and Goretzka, two players with a great future.

Lo peor:

  • The Bundesliga was a monologue. Bayern won a league that was never of interest because there was only one candidate.
  • The uncontrolled parties. There were many games where defensive weaknesses marked many matches. Germany continues to be unpredictable and except for Bayern, any team can lose in the most unexpected way.
  • The tremendous mistake in Stephan Kiessling's goal. A goal was awarded that never went in due to an error by the referee who did not see the ball go in from outside the goal, taking advantage of the fact that the net was broken. In a league like the German, this is incomprehensible.
The non-goal that was a goal.
The non-goal that was a goal.

The revelation:
There were many names that could occupy this space. However, we are left with two young values ​​from Schalke 04 as Leon Goretzka and Julian Draxler. Pure talent in the midfield for a Germany that every day brings out players of enormous talent and class.

The disappointment:
The hamburg. Until the last day, they were on the verge of being relegated in what would have been their worst season in history.. lack of game, his defense was one of the worst on record in the Bundesliga in recent times. Nevertheless, they will be lucky to save the course in a promotion not suitable for the faint of heart.

Once ideal:


Bayern de Múnich

Borussia Dortmund de, Schalke 04 and Bayern Leverkusen

Europa League:
Borussia M.Gladbach, Wolfsburg, Mainz

Braunschweig, Nuremberg. Promote Hamburg

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