Leagues won more points difference

Leagues won more points difference

Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga continues unabated. The group coached by Pep Guardiola has already reaped 62 points 22 parties and collects an income of 19 points over second, the other Bayern, the Leverkusen. A point lies Borussia Dortmund, umpire.

The great gulf between the leader and the pursuers opens up an interesting question: What has been the biggest advantage that has won a champion on the second a league of major European?

The answer is in the same Germany, in the same Bayern and not so far back in time. Muniqueses won the Bundesliga last 91 points 34 matches, 26 more than earned the Dortmund, runner-up at last. Nobody ever got that far in the German championship.

Bayern won the Bundesliga last year with 26 point lead.
Bayern won the Bundesliga last year with 26 point lead.

26 points is the largest income in Germany, but in Italy you can not say that there has been monólogas leagues. It happened in the season 2006-07 when Inter he proclaimed champion 97 points by 75 Roma. 22 Rental Office who had the nuance that Juventus were in Serie B by famous corruption scandals affecting Italian football and also earned AC Milan to start this campaign with -8 ranking.

Italy and Spain are leagues where there have been fewer differences. Manchester United won the Premier 1999-2000 with 91 points, 18 more than Arsenal and 22 more than Leeds in what is the most unequal season that has existed. In Spain, the difference is even smaller. The record is the Barcelona last season when he pulled 15 points Real Madrid.

Barcelona won the league with 15 point lead over Real Madrid last year.

It is true that in all leagues trend is that more and more champions win with difference. But nevertheless, therefore not be downplayed the role of Bayern Munich. In their 22 joined meetings 20 wins and two draws and has accumulated unprecedented records. It takes only nine goals against and a total of 61 goals. The domain is so overwhelming that the question is: When you will win the Bundesliga? In March?

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