Nahuel Leiva, Messi future coming

Nahuel Leiva, Messi future coming

Since the early 90, each promising young Argentine is systematically compared to Diego Maradona. Over time, the comparison is no longer with Diego, but with Messi, Reference footballer today and one of the most influential in the world with Cristiano Ronaldo. Since there is news that Villarreal, but nevertheless, Leo could have a new successor. It is Matías Nahuel.

Just a boy 17 years (He was born 22 October 1996) Rosario (like Messi) and raised on the prolific footballing yellow quarry. A different player than last 13 January took its first steps in the First Division and there is much talk and well. Partly, because we are talking about a huge playmaker speed, excellent touch and those who like the four-time Ballon d'Or likes to wear sewn at the foot the ball.

Leiva may be one of the great promises of Argentine football in the near future.
Leiva may be one of the great promises of Argentine football in the near future.

He has played just three games in Primera, but he has already left brash details, not to be afraid of anything and anybody. It has an excellent regante, a lethal change of pace and still undecided which national shirt and defend has been flank of war. Of Spain and Argentina by convince him to play for them.

The boy has not yet been decided, perhaps because everything has come to him very big in so little time. Now just six months ago in Second B, the showcase of the Liga awaits you from now. Compare Messi seems crazy, but against Celta on his first touch of the ball and placed on record that has a special lucecita. Which they have the stars.

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