La Liga, one of the most matched to the big leagues of Europe

La Liga, una de las más igualadas de las grandes ligas de Europa

Last update 23 December, 2015 por Alberto Llopis

Oddly enough, given the known bipolarity in recent years between Real Madrid and Barcelona, broken only by Atletico Madrid 2014, la Liga, It has become the most matched all major league calls from Europe. At least the least points separating the teams fighting for the title and in Europe and also the tightest by the decline. Christmas arrived already, balance time also sports equipment, the Spanish tournament has been uncovered as the most open of all. Seeing is believing.

La Ligue 1 France is undoubtedly the most unequal league. Having reached the Christmas break, PSG march leader 51 points while the second Monaco, only adds 32, casi 20 points less in the absence of an entire play around. Among Europe that marks the Caen 30 points and the decline that marks the Guingamp with 19, the difference is 11 points but among the last that has rated the Troyes 8 Stade Reims and salvation that marks the difference is abysmal, 13 points.

El PSG se pasea por la Ligue 1.
PSG Ligue wanders 1.

The Premier is against all odds led by Leicester City. Claudio Ranieri box, suma 38 Christmas points and is followed by Arsenal Wenger totaling 36. The difference between Manchester United closing European position in 5th place and closing the drop Swansea, the difference is 14 points. Chelsea surprising position only 3 points above the relegation zone and situation that cost the dismissal of Mourinho. However the difference between bottom club, Aston Villa which adds 7 points and Newcastle, first team to save with 17, the difference is 10 points.

Italian Serie A is commanded by the Inter totaling 36 points. La Fiorentina, Napoli and Juve follow closely although the latter are 6 points head. The difference between the closing Europe Rome 29 and Frosinone marking the descent 14, es de 15 points. The final qualifier, Hellas Verona sum 7 points being the worst bottom club next to Aston Villa and is 9 of salvation that marks the Genoa.

El Hellas Verona se encuentra hundido en el fondo de la tabla en Italia.
Hellas Verona is sunk to the bottom of the table in Italy.

The Bundesliga is a walk for Bayern Munich which adds 46 points. El segundo, Borussia Dortmund de, suma 38. The difference between Schalke closing Europe 27 Werder Bremen and descent 15 es de 12 points. Below the thing equals more and resembles Spain. Hoffenheim closes the table 13 but it is just 2 the team that scores salvation, Stuttgart with 15.

In Spain Barcelona and Atletico Madrid tied to 35 points to the head of the table while the Catalans have a game. Are followed closely with Real Madrid 33, Celta with 31 and Villarreal 30. The distance between Deportivo marking the last European place with 26 and Granada marking the salvation 14 es de 12 points. Below the thing it is also very even. Lift closes the bottom side with the table as 11 however points, granota only found a 3 the team that scores points salvation, the Granada. Only the bottom club in the Bundesliga and the League do not speak off the hook.

El colista en España es el Levante pero sólo se encuentra a 3 puntos de salir del descenso. Lejos de lo que pasa en Francia, Italia e Inglaterra.
Bottom club Levante in Spain but only is 3 points out the decline. Far from what happens in France, Italy and England.

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