League he recorded in 2017 y 2018 permanences with less points in history

La Liga registró en 2017 y 2018 las permanencias con menos puntos de la historia
Malaga went down in 2018 con 20 points. FOTO: Brand

Last update 8 December, 2023 por Alberto Llopis

What have been permanences fewer points in the history of the League? Well the answer is simple, hasta este momento la mark the seasons 2016-17 y la 2017-18 where with 32 y 30 points, a team had managed to stay. En concreto en el 17 It was Sporting Gijon who descended as third from bottom with 31 points while en 2018 Deportivo La Coruna managed to score only 29 points.

The colistas totaled only 20 points

In both seasons the last classified only managed to add 20 points, a score really loose. En la 16-17 Granada who was dropped as bottom club with this score while the 17-18 was Malaga who barely reached the twenty points. On the other hand also they repeated the penultimate score. He Osasuna made 22 points in 2017 mientras que Las Palmas was second from bottom in the 18 with the same points Navarre who had made a year earlier.

The trend in 2018-19 It seems to require more points

La Liga 18-19 It seems to rise a little the points needed for salvation, at least the trend seen in the first round. But also it seems to require less points to win the tournament and the lowest score to enter Europe, making possibly the more equal league in many years

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