Players who managed to win the Champions League and the Libertadores

Futbolistas que lograron ganar la Champions y la Libertadores

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Football has two major trophies at club level, both framed in different continents. We talk about the Champions League, or Champions League, and Copa Libertadores. The first gives the full European prestige, while the second does the same in South American lands. Able to lift one of them represents one of the greatest pleasures for a footballer, but winning both means the maximum ecstasy. Very few have been men who have achieved such a feat, whose names had to tell:

1. Formation

Brazilian goalkeeper won the Libertadores in 1997 with Cruzeiro and Champions League 2003 y 2007 con el Milán.

2. Ronaldinho

The Brazilian ace won the Champions League in 2006 playing in the F.C. Barcelona and, posteriorly, in 2013 Liberating took being in the rows of Athletic Mineiro.

3. Walter Samuel

He garnered the Copa Libertadores in his time as player Xeneize then do the same in the Champions League with Inter.

4. Roque Junior

Brazilian defender was in 1999 Libertadores with Palmeiras wearing jersey. Years later he achieved this unique double by adding the Champions League with Milan.

5. Neymar

The young Brazilian was uncovered as a global crack in last Libertadores won by Santos, which he allowed him to head to Europe and get the Champions League as a member of Barca's Luis Enrique champion "Triplet".

6. Carlos Tevez

The "Apache" rose in 2003 defending Libertadores with Boca Juniors colors. Seasons later won the Champions League with Manchester United elastic.

7. Juan Pablo Sorín

reverse path to the above the left side of this first won the Champions League with Juventus and then Libertadores 1996 con River.

8. Cafu

Winner of the Libertadores twice with San Pablo (1992 y 1993), Cafu came to Europe to win the Champions League and did so in 2007 con el Milán.

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