Peñarol and Palmeiras just beaten in a pitched battle in a match of Copa Libertadores

Peñarol and Palmeiras just beaten in a pitched battle in a match of Copa Libertadores
Felipe Melo releasing one of several punches that triggered the brawl in the match between Peñarol and Palmeiras. Photo: EFE / Raul Martinez

The events of the match between Peñarol and Palmeiras are intolerable, especially if we talk it was a match of the Copa Libertadores, fubolística the biggest competition of America and the version of the Champions League in South America. A match that ended in a pitched battle between players of both teams and even among fans leaving again highlighted the fragile security situation live football on the continent.

The meeting ended on a muggy with a fight that started in the field, He was infected to the stands and finished in the locker. It all started at the end of a match that ended with victory 2-3 Cariocas. Some Uruguayan players were looking for Felipe Melo, a player with a history of problematic spare. Brazilian who played for Racing Santander, He responded with a punch. From there the world is bundled with a brawl that ended with the crowd on the warpath against the impotence of the security forces were overwhelmed stadium. A situation that is repeated constantly in the stadiums of those parts.

Melo, He had to be escorted by police on the same field because it Peñarol players wanted to eat. The security forces and members of the coaching staff ended up getting hit by players from both teams were beside themselves amid a monumental tangana. The tension moved to the stadium stands Champion century with throwing objects and insults between the two hobbies. Even the presence of some football players trying to call for calm Penarol managed to stop the escalation of violence.

The fight continued in the locker room area where there were all kinds of punches, insults and threats by members of both sets. These unfortunate incidents can cause harsh penalties to both teams but the sultry image to a competition that is the most important American club level was once again tarnished and made clear that follows many millions of light years away from the Champions.

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