When the sport reaches unreason

When the sport reaches unreason

The world of the twenty-first century is a society bordering chaos. Conflicts like that exists in Ukraine and especially in the Gaza Strip between Palestine and Israel had the world in a fist. shelling, hundreds of deaths daily with the most disadvantaged children as paying for something they are not to blame. We will not go to assessing political issues because it is not our job, in fact we not talk about this topic in this humble web of football but out because the injustice of this conflict has reached football.

The pre-season friendly between France Lille and Maccabi Haifa of Israel played in Austria, I was marred by the terrible conflict. A group of people, They are carrying Palestinian flags, They invaded the pitch at the minute 84 to begin a terrible battle against the Israeli team players starring in one of the most unfortunate images that have been seen in a football game.

The Israeli club, He condemned the facts and argued that the origin of the conflict was due to the mere fact represent Israel also argue permissiveness security event. The tension is chewed well before the invasion and even the Israeli team left the facility between insults and stones. Certainly a lamentable fact and that it should look especially when unreason spots something like sport, oblivious to the follies of political leaders soulless and common sense.

Palestinian fans attacked players Maccabi Haifa.
Fans attacked players Maccabi Haifa by the conflict in the Gaza Strip.
Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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