The VAR does justice and allows AC Milan's victory against Chievo

The VAR does justice and allows AC Milan's victory against Chievo
The VAR was key today in Milan-Chievo and did justice (Photo:

There are many who still see with some reluctance the implementation of VAR in the world of football. This season is already established in some major leagues like the Bundesliga or the Italian Serie A. In fact, It is now official who will be present at the next World Russia. Today, definitely, It was instrumental in the victory of Milan in their match against Chievo mainly because it did justice.

The Rossoneri lost 1-2 San Siro when Cutrone, taking advantage of a clearance of Sorrentino, Chievo goalkeeper, the tie was two. The match referee annulled the thus consider that the Italian striker was offside, Nothing is further from reality. The VAR advised the referee, who reviewed the images and gave valid goal.

The equalizer spurred the home side who kept trying until André Silva, a 7 minutes from the final whistle, achieved the 3-2 final with the Milan achieved a major victory that allows you to keep fighting to get into Champions League.

But the VAR would still take ownership before the end of the meeting. Already in injury time, a shot of Calhanoglu was deflected by a defender Chievo a corner. In the repetition he appreciated that hand and therefore had a penalty. Again, The referee consulted the images and gave the penalty but, this time, It did no good since it ended up failing Kessie.

Clearly, the VAR, well applied, It is a great tool. Failure to improve the waste of time involved in its implementation and the fact that the game is stopped several times but, Anyway, compensates for the fact that does justice. Today's private Milan had a legal goal and a penalty, something the VAR has avoided.

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