This will win the champion and runner-up of Copa Libertadores 2018

This will win the champion and runner-up of Copa Libertadores 2018
The champion and runner-up of Copa Libertadores win more than last year.

Made after the draw for the next Copa Libertadores, the CONMEBOL reported that the Libertadores Cup 2018 for the winner will have a higher prize money than the previous editions. The prize for the champion will rise from 2,5 a 5 millions of euros. “CONMEBOL Council approved the economic regime for editing 2018 of the tournament, which shall divide 4,1 million euros more than the edition 2017, doubling the prize for the champion, what of 2,5 million euros for the title, you will win more than five million euros”, the entity indicated on its website.

In addition there will be a greater incentive for runners, who will win 1,2 millions to 2,5 million in the next edition of 2018. The two semifinalists not reach the final will pocket 85.000 euros more than last continental showpiece, reaching a prize for each of 1,1 millions of euros.

The other teams participating in the next tournament will receive the same prize that edition 2017 depending on the tie in which lie along the competition. Amounts which when compared with the Champions League or Europa League are almost derisory. While the Copa Libertadores champion will pocket a South American 5 million euros for the tournament, champion Champions pockets around 55 millions of euros. The Europa League a 15,31. An average participant in the Champions exceed up 3 Sometimes the winner of the Libertadores without even moving from second round.

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