The best quotes of Gerard Piqué

The best quotes of Gerard Piqué
Gerard Pique on the famous "You started it all"

Football goes beyond what happens on the pitch. Players are not only judged by their performances on the green. Many times, We offer more play into a microphone than with a ball at his feet. This is the case of Gerard Piqué.

It is well known the incredible ease FC Barcelona central to generate controversy, And the good Mince does not mince, something that has made it to be hated by some and loved by others. Expert in fanning the flames of rivalry between Catalans and Real Madrid, Here are the best pearls of the azulgrana player through phrases:

– "Let's celebrate it, that Madrid Fuck ".

These words took place in August after the conquest of Supercopa of Spain 2015 against Sevilla. In full celebration, the defense again of the white set.

– "Thanks Kevin Roldan, you started it all ".

The season 2014-2015 It did not start well for Barca, but a defeat of Real Madrid against Atleti by 4-0 Calderon added in the famous birthday party held back by Cristiano Ronaldo and which starred Kevin Roldan, It marked a turning point. that campaign, Barcelona won the treble and, in one of the celebrations, Pique had a small dedication for the Colombian singer.

– "Arbeloa is not my friend, is a known. Known, but no friend ".

Arbeloa was for a time the defender and the only member of the staff of Madrid that gave a response to verbal attacks Piqué. This was a confrontation between the two media left us phrases like this, in which questioned the quality of merengue side.

"I've always had the utmost commitment to the Spanish selection. As for the rivalry Barça-Madrid, I am well and not change: I want him to Madrid always lose "

Gerard Piqué figure in the Spanish team has been questioned more than. In a press conference called by him to clarify certain conflicts relating to the national team, He took the opportunity to make clear their blood anti-madridista.

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