They were heroes for a day with the shirt of Real Madrid

They were heroes for a day with the shirt of Real Madrid

Real Madrid's history is full of great players, Indeed world stars ..., most seasons, we can find on your bench players on almost any team in the world would be indisputable headlines, even the real stars of many of the teams in the old continent.

these players, many years completely unnoticed, playing only minutes needed to rest theoretical holders, or put a somewhat abruptly, the minutes of garbage. What is no less true, is that on more than one occasion these players, called almost anonymous, become heroes for a day. In this article we will recall some of them.

The goal of SERENA

In full golden age of Real Madrid, the 11 May 1966, the white team contesting the final of the European Cup which eventually would become the sixth European Cup for the team merengue.

The rival was Partizan Belgrade, which he reached the final as clear victim to the almighty Real Madrid at the time ye-ye. In the minute 55 one goal Vasovic the team ahead of the former Yugoslavia and put Real Madrid on the ropes. The Spanish team managed a draw on the scoreboard at the minute 70 with a play of Amaro. It was then that appear Serena, which was not a permanent fixture on this computer, and with a long shot the minute 76 would put the 2-1 the score, goal that, eventually, give the sixth European Cup white team.


I do not know if many people will remember Geremi, that Cameroonian player who was in the Real Madrid during 3 seasons (1999 – 2002) and only two goals scored; but two goals ...! One was the 10 of January of 2000 at the end of Mundialito of Clubs against Radja Casablanca. The match went straight to extra time with a 2-2 the score, until the minute 88 Geremi marked the 3-2 definitive.

This was fundamental goal Geremi.
This was fundamental goal Geremi.

But if this player is remembered by fans Chamartin, it is certainly the goal that marked one Oliver Khan 2 April 2002 home Bayern Munich. That game was lost 2-1, But that goal left the team in a great position and just being in the qualifying final, After the comeback at the Bernabeu with 2-0 in the second leg. That year the Real Madrid would end up getting Novena, what, Of course, part of it belongs to Geremi.


Let's start by saying that there was "The goal Paco Llorente Gento", but, Not Remember the Night of Paco Llorente Gento?

We traveled in time to the knockout stages of the Champions Cup season 1987-88. Luck in the hype had dealt a knockout of which are said to 50%. Reigning competition (Port) He would face the dreaded Real Madrid of the Quinta del Vulture. Real Madrid won the first leg at home on a tight 2-1 so everything had to decide to turn on the Portuguese team Stadium. Espanyol came to rest with a 1-0, which was worth to them to move to the next round if they could hold it up to the minute 90.

In the locker room, Leo Beenhakker decided to give him minutes Paco Llorente revulsivo (nephew of the legendary Gento). As ahead, this not marked, but two stunning played by his band, with killer pass included, They were exploited by Michel to push the ball into the Portuguese meshes and victory to 2-1 in the party and the desired classification.

THE GOAL or better goals from Karembeu

Many will remember that hooked up at the time by the signing of Karembeu. Object of desire of Barcelona and Real Madrid for more than a year, its history made rivers of ink in the newspapers of the time. Finally was the white team the upper hand and the French originally from New Caledonia was, He dressed in Madrid.

Karembeu was decisive for the conquest of the seventh.
Karembeu was decisive for the conquest of the seventh.

Their journey in the white club had stayed in story if it were not for his two goals, not very aesthetic but very practical at Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia, They were key to qualifying for the final of the Champions 1998 and the subsequent conquest of the seventh European Cup Real Madrid after 40 years.


We find ourselves now in the fetish team trophy Castellana and in season 1999-2000. We are in the semi-final and in front, again, Bayern Munich. The first leg was at the Santiago Bernabeu and Real Madrid solved it with a good result (2-0) with goals from Anelka and another own goal Jeremies.

White team knew that Germany would suffer, since I had been there in the group stage and had endorsed a painful 4-1. The party not started well for the interests of the Spanish team and Bayern Munich went ahead the minute 11. Madrid suffered during the first part, until, when they met the half-hour mark Anelka headed a header on goal Savio center. Only in the last phase of the first part the locals had doubts and were dominated by Real Madrid.

In the second part, the German team harassed the goal of Iker Casillas getting insufficient minute goal in 54. With this result (2-1) Madrid went on to the final where they get their eighth Champions League against Valencia Football Club by a score of 3-0.


This is the latest and sure we all remember perfectly. Chicharito is a great striker who joined Real Madrid last summer with the intention to dispute a place in the starting eleven Karim Benzema, task more complicated ...

Chicharito has been a year more complicated, but he has managed to bide his time, and this came in the quarterfinals of the continental showpiece and a derby, since the arrival of Cholo team to colchonero, he was choking the white team more than he has used his hobby. The first leg was played at the Vicente Calderon and, after a great match Real Madrid, It ended with the result 0-0.

Chicharito became a hero by accident with this goal.
Chicharito became a hero by accident with this goal.

Days before the return match news broke "Benzema is injured. Participation impossible against Atletico "; the time had come and Chicharito was prepared. He jumped to the turf at the Bernabeu with all eyes on him I knew that was his big test. Rennet a great game, and to top, in the minute 87 He scored the only goal of the tie that would pass to Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions League this season, It will also serve to achieve 11?

I'm sure there are more players who have been "Heroes for a Day", Do you think I have forgotten someone worthy of being on this list?

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