La Liga 2016/17 marks the lowest decline in history since the victory is worth 3 points

La Liga 2016/17 marca el descenso más bajo de la historia desde que la victoria vale 3 puntos
Granada and Sporting have been together with Osasuna all year in decline. Foto: As

Last update 23 May, 2017 por Alberto Llopis

They say the Spanish League, La Liga before, Now League Santander, It is the best in the world. Sin embargo, Looking at the numbers marked in the championships is a fact that maybe we could put into question. In this edition, for example, the decline has been the least disputed of history is that Sporting, Granada and Osasuna were practically the whole tournament in the same area giving the impression that they would be re-elected for second since even before Christmas. This circumstance also caused new data is marked, the lowest decline in history since the victory in the league worth 3 points.

Since the victories ceased to be worth two points to add one and, no season had saved less than 38 leaving the drop in points 37. En la temporada 2014/15, the thing ended with a triple tie 35 points leaving the cheapest salvation history. For example the fourteenth and fifteenth Getafe Levante obtained salvation with days in advance, almost without trouble breaking adding only 37 points. The following year both went down to second with 32 y 36 next to Ray that he did 38. Sporting marked the line with 39.

Numbers that were away for Sporting itself, third from bottom with 31,  health 22 and Granada with 20. Con los 32 marking the Levante, bottom club in the 2015/16, he had saved in 2016/17 making this year's the cheapest of salvation history. None of those who fell last year had dropped this year with the same score they did a year ago. Incredible but true. The best league in the world say, perhaps only for a few clubs.

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