The nicknames of the players

The nicknames of the players
The Loco-Abreu, one of the examples of nicknames in footballers. PHOTO:Twitter

Which are the nicknames of the footballers best known? Nicknames are a common thing in the daily life of many human beings and football, especially South American and Central American, almost an obligation. Who has not heard of monkeys, rifles, beasts, tigers, burritos or mice dedicated to players?. Like is logic, it is impossible to collect all the nicknames of all players who have been and are in the world, but we want to bring you some of the best known.

The nicknames of the players

-avioncito: Rambert
-Animal: Edmundo
-Batigol: Gabriel Omar Batistuta
-BAM BAM: Ivan Zamorano
-Bobo: Vieri
boules: Bochini
-pigheaded: Ruggeri and D'Alessandro
-Cata: Diaz
-Cañoncito Five Five: Pancho Puskas
-Onion: Cristian Rodriguez
-Cpi: Ferrer
-Cholo: Simeone
-Chori: Castro and Dominguez
-Chino: Losada and Recoba
-Chimy: Avila
-CR7: Cristiano Ronaldo
-divine Calvo: Zidane
-Dragon: Santi Cañizares
-asparagus: Peter Crouch
-El Caño: Ibagaza
-Commander: José Luis Morales
-the Chopo: Iribar
-The vulture: Emilio Butragueno
-The wall: Walter Samuel
-The rifle: Walter Pandiani
-Crazy: Abreu, Palermo and Bielsa
-The little boss: Javier Mascherano
-The pipita: Higuain
-The pirate: Barn
-The gunman: Roger Martí
-The fuzz: Diego Armando Maradona
-Prince: Enzo Francescoli
-video: Angel Di Maria
-Skinny: Cruyff
-Cat: Ablanedo
-Indio: Solari
-KAISER: Franz Beckenbauer
-When: Omen
-Black Spider: Lev Yashin
-The beast: Julio Baptista
-The witch: Berti and Veron (father)
-The little witch: Veron (son)
-the Cobra: Adrian Ilie
-Saeta Rubia's: Alfredo Di Stéfano
-The rock: Desailly
-Black Panther: Eusebio and Weah
-the little seal: Farfán
-Milk: Cesar La Paglia
-Lettuce: Roa
-Le Good: Le Tissier
-Lobo: Zagallo and Carrasco
-Magical: González
-Manteca Martínez
-Mariscal: gabi Milito
-Matador: Kempes
-Mr Proper: Dertycia
-Mono: Navarro Montoya and Burgos
-Boy: Torres
-Sukerman: Davor Suker
-O´Rei: Skin
-Palomo: Usuriaga
-duck: Abondanzieri
-Kid: Valderrama
-Stocking cap: Deck of cards
-Pipita: Higuain
-Louse: Lopez and Herrera
-Pitu: Abelardo
-Pocho: Insua and Lavezzi
-flea: Messi
-Mouse: Ayala
-Rambo: Petkovic
-Tiger: Falcao
-Valdanito: Hernán Crespo
-Basque: Aguirre

What other players know and whose nicknames are not listed?, leave your suggestions, in paragraph feedback and we will expand. As can leave thousands of them, the only condition is that they have played in the elite football, not worth lower grades and lower divisions, or tournaments second and third level.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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  1. Chaava-Mariscal-gordiño:Salvador Cabañas
    Goose: Pedro Benitez
    Mono:Ricardo Tavarelli, Jorge Britez
    top: Victor Caceres
    Tiger: Cesar Ramirez, Radamel Falcao
    Cat: Roberto Fernandez father
    Little cat:Roberto Fernandez son
    chiqui: Francisco Arce
    Colorado: Carlos Gamarra
    toro: Roberto Acuña…among other nicknames Paraguayan!!!

  2. -Elf: Navas
    -Doctor Terror: Pablo Alfaro
    -Romario of the polygon: Antoñito
    -O'Fabuloso: Luis Fabiano
    -the Pitbull: Gary Medel

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