André Gomes and the wall of mistrust

André Gomes and the wall of mistrust
André Gomes feels quite frustrated as Barcelona player. Photo:

"I'm afraid to go out of shame". Obviously anyone who is able to utter that phrase is facing a serious problem more or less depending on the magnitude at the time of that fact. In this case, the words came from the mouth of André Filipe Tavares Gomes, The Portuguese player arrived at FC Barcelona recently over a year and a half from Valencia CF.

The two seasons at the club che had placed the Portuguese player exit ramp to a big European club. His youth and placed him room for improvement in the focus of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Finally the Catalans would with services valencianista.

The arrival of any player to a club of this magnitude and characteristics involves a process of adaptation to the gameplay and the environment. When you arrive you realize that everything is oversized. Failing a pass or make a bad decision is made which makes sense on any computer, but when you get to one in which all components of the template are privileged technically, those mistakes involve little more than a sacrilege.

Accompany in the lineup to players like Messi, Iniesta and Busquets, to give some examples, You're supposed to be at the same height and not football clash. Thus, when André Gomes began making a game below average, public confidence and resented player. "I do not feel well in the field, I'm not enjoying what I can do. My friends say clearly that I go with the handbrake on "

First it was a little run run for over time, go directly to tooted by sectors of the fans who see a Portuguese footballer without the required minimum quality to play for FC Barcelona. But is this really so? The truth is that the Portuguese gives very few arguments to their supporters and many detractors. What is surprising is the support they have in the dressing room, starting with their coaches that offer minutes to the detriment of other players and continuing for the rest of the staff. Can we think that André Gomes is a player during the week to become a completely different game days? It seems that this should be the correct reading, but there is no doubt that the ordinary fan can only put notes on exam, and that day, Luso clearly suspended. "After six months he became a little hell because I started having more pressure"

André Gomes is a totally blocked player. We do not know his footballing limit, but we know mental and translates into an apathetic player, unambitious and disconnected from the collective game. It is logical to assume any risk that no, but even setting meanwhile safety standards to avoid mistakes, these are breached too often. There are players who have never been able to overcome the pressure that generates a great club worldwide. They are already many months of the vaunted "recovery" André Gomes. You may have time for acceptance by both the club and the player, that there is the possibility that this recovery will never come. Portuguese is still very young, but it takes crashing against the wall of impotence

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