Sponsorships bookmakers Spanish football clubs

Sponsorships bookmakers Spanish football clubs
Levante and Leganés look bookmakers advertising. PHOTO: Levante UD

In recent years it has increased the number of shirts of football teams of the first division leading gaming companies advertising, and already a common practice among Spanish gambling houses sponsorship premier clubs. Now just leave the draft new legislation on the regulation of this sector in Spain.

For months they have been appearing press articles what would the regulation of gambling and what could be the future of advertising. Recently there have been developments with the coming-out of the draft Royal Decree of commercial communications gambling activities, which is an update of this area and since this week is in the public information process.

This standard is a part specifically dedicated to the sponsorship that is related to a sports activity. It shows the presence of this advertising is prohibited in events targeted to minors, nor to be present in products or services designed to minors; for example regarding the merchandising of children's sizes.

Also it not allowed to use trademarks or trademarks of the game to put the name to a sports facility, as a football stadium or other mode, training facilities, or a team. further, slots in which it will be possible to advertise (in television and radio broadcasts between 20 and the 5 hours) shall apply to advertising can be done in stages; with one exception: t-shirts or sports jerseys.

Therefore would not have to change, in this sense, advertising carrying some Spanish football teams, bearing on the front of her shirt logo a related company bets. This aspect is relevant to the finances of clubs receiving this sector of their income.

What teams have sponsorship from betting on his shirt?

In the first division of the Spanish Football League they are currently eight of the twenty teams that have sports betting advertising on the front of their shirts gambling: Alaves, Granada, Levante, Leganés, Mallorca, Osasuna, Sevilla and Valencia. Among them are groups that also disputed European competition. They are out of this list are the two main clubs of the country and currently top the league standings, FC Barcelona is a brand advertised online and Real Madrid trade by an airline.

sponsorships of sports betting
Granada and Sevilla are other two teams of First sponsorships of sports betting. PHOTO: AS

In the second Spanish division are two of those twenty sets a playhouse main advertising, Girona and Sporting Gijon have sponsorships of sports betting . In the second given, instead, enough cases where promotion of the territory is where are located; As with Huesca, Oviedo, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Numancia or Mirandes, this season has entered the semifinals of the Cup of the King and promotes business in this town in northern Burgos. And even the advertising does not look Rayo Vallecano

This situation in a professional football league contrasts, for example, with what happens in the English second category. In the Championship 17 of the 24 teams have gambling advertisements. And above, Premier League, are half; 10 of 20 they have sponsorships of sports betting. So add 27 of 44 joint top of the land that gave birth to this sport, a fact that media have highlighted as The Guardian. In Spain accounts out that the 42 teams in the top two divisions are 10 those who wear this subject.

The objective described in Royal Decree to regulate and sponsorship linked to sporting activities is the protection of the child. And he notes that “the translation of the message in the context of goods and services for minor increases the risk of trivializing activity by these”. At the same time, the document states that this measure is a “weighted alternative to a total ban” and that is a limited cost, “no significant reduction in the exercise of sponsorship”.

It also prohibits celebrities appear in ads betting. This point is to avoid associating the game with the successful image that transmit these celebrities, especially among young people; and there is an awareness of the risks of the game.

There are cases of people known, Television or also related to football, leaving these spots. At the end and Cape are professionals who are paid by the presence; but it is possible that, especially, young people do not assume that the fact appear there is for work purposes, because they are hired to do.

It also insists on emphasizing the concepts of 'responsible gaming', 'Play safe’ and 'game updated’ communications operators and do you have awareness about this topic.

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