What it happened to those historical teams of the First Division? (I)

What it happened to those historical teams of the First Division? (I)
The stadium is Plantio

The frenetic and voracious march of the league and international competitions leave little time to review the leaves of the history books of Spanish football. However, in the little room still exists for it, it is gratifying to note that the current Spanish Primera Division football have come to play 59 equipos, muchos de ellos, lost in lower divisions or missing. Honoring them, in Hanged by Football, We remember that was great “Historic” of our league:

1- Racing de Santander: at present, It is in the Second Division B after consecutively down to Second First Second and Second B. Weighed down by the economic problems, This course meets 100 years. It is second in the group I category bronze and enjoys being the fourteenth Spanish club with more supporters. Not in vain, in the Sardinero fit up 22.000 personas.

2- Real Oviedo: at the time the Oviedo played in Europe and had a very competitive squad. It is the 17th team in the historical classification of the First and this despite not being on it since the season 2000-01. His story tells 38 First campaigns with a third place as best result. Owner Carlos Tartiere, its capacity to 30.500 seating, azulón turns the stadium into the largest category also encouraging that the club has more members than many of First. He 34% of the corporation belongs to Carlos Slim, indicating their potential future.

3- Real Murcia: 105 years of history and 18 Primera Division campaigns indicate the greatness of a club that has the Nueva Condomina as your best resource, a stadium 4 star capable of hosting international matches. Accommodating 31.500 seating, however, from the campaign 2003-2004 Do not Tread First. It is governed by Jesus Samper.

4- UD Salamanca: Currently this team does not exist after last summer judicial dissolution decree and failed attempts to return with a new name. 90 years of history and finalized items 12 First seasons are a legacy of a team that had more than 5000 partners. Salamanca deserves a team and quickly.

5- CD LOGROÑÉS: commented not long ago his Delicate situation. At present, and despite having a new stadium Las Gaunas is not enrolled in any category of Spanish football, even amateur since the season 2009. Gone are the days where you had international prestige as Lopetegui or Salenko, top scorer in the World 94 player being Logroñés.

Two historical in distress, many troubles.
Two historical in distress, many troubles.

6- Castellón Sports Club. 11 First to finish seasons in the well of the Third Division, where with 4.500 partners is the third team in the history of the category with more partners, only surpassed by Malaga and Oviedo. Economic problems and outstanding debts do foresee a very black future, away from the glorious years 80 and first of 90. The Nou Estadi Castalia remains its stronghold, capable 16.000 personas.

7- Albacete Balompié: there were times when Benito Floro commanded a team with good players like José Zalazar, who was the greatest exponent with great goals from outside the area as the spent the “mechanical cheese”. Semifinalist in his day King Cup and seventh-ranked, From season 2004-05 Do not Tread First. His reality is the Second B, in group IV, where yes, commands classification.

Zalazar commanded a seasoned team.
Zalazar commanded a seasoned team.

8- SD Compostela: in San Lázaro Multipurpose marked one of the most beautiful goals that are remembered in football history. They were times where sweets, with players like Christopher Ohen, Radchenko, Penev, Fabiano or the legendary Abbey. Good times or Fernando Vazquez Fernando Santos on the bench that earned him four years to be the most elite of Spanish football. Nowadays, Group I of the Second B is your site, after years of uncertainty and refundaciones.

9- Arenas Club of Getxo: perhaps the youngest not know, but this team is pure and simple history of Spanish football and its history contains a Copa del Rey (1919) and three runners-up League. Located in the province of Vizcaya became seven seasons in First, It is the last in 1934-35. From 1944 He has not even stepped on the Second, and claims to be the Spanish club after Real Murcia Imperial more shares in Third Division, category where it is. If you want to know more about this club you can read the article we wrote about Sands of Getxo.

10- Burgos CF: a historic whose origins date back to 1922. El Plantio (12.200 seating) He witnessed six seasons in First and players in their ranks as Miguel Ángel Portugal. Today in Second Division B, his last year in the top flight was in 1980.

El Plantio is the field of the Burgos. It has capacity for 12.200 spectators.
El Plantio is the field of the Burgos. It has capacity for 12.200 spectators.

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  1. merida merida sad ad currently is in third and carries almost 2500 partners without starting the league this year even,reaching meter last year in regular league season half over 10.000 spectators in the Roman and not losing 5000 each party

  2. CD Castellón came to have these partners in Third giving away most of the passes between the grassroots members and veterans. Today there are more than 1.500 spectators (the party more) to the enclosure Castalia.

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