Curiosities of the Copa America must know

Curiosities of the Copa America must know
Best Argentina history.

America's Cup was the first official European competition for national teams: yes, before Euro. The first edition took place in the 1916. The cause of the birth of the Copa America was the great rivalry between Argentina and Uruguay, They are seeking any excuse to compete and excel. The inventor of the Copa America was the Uruguayan Héctor Rivadavia Gómez, who he was also a co-founder of CONMEBOL.

Initially, America's Cup is played every year. That's because the first edition played in Argentina was a great success: for example, an Argentina-Chile had an input 16.000 viewers. Not forget that we talk about 1916 ...

In the first editions of the tournament only four teams participated: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Gradually others were added, first in Paraguay 1921. Uruguay was the dominator of the early years, It is having won almost all of the first ten editions. Archrival, Argentina, I had to wait a year 1921 to lift this trophy as disputed.

Uruguay 1916 It was the first America's Cup history.
Uruguay 1916 It was the first America's Cup history.

The first America's Cup was played in the city of Avellaneda Argentina and Uruguay won. The tournament format was decided liguilla and Isabelino Gradin, since scored three, before being sold to River Plate (He played in Peñarol). It was also the second edition of Uruguay, who beat Argentina in the playoff Montevideo: The goal was the "magician" Scarone, who later also he militated in Italy, Palermo and Inter.

It was also the Copa America Uruguay 1920 (set a Brasil, 6-0) and of 1923: Uruguay-Argentina 2-0 (Petrone y Sum). In 1924 Uruguay won the league by a point on Argentina, he could not beat Paraguay. Petrone was top scorer with four goals manifestation but looked what would be the first star of world football: José Leandro Andrade, the Black wonder.

He was the first player to have made the roulette, the typical dribble Maradona and Zidane wore after. It was an elegant and fast player, but he knew also contain very well in midfield. He won all both the Uruguayan and with two teams of Montevideo, Penarol and Nacional. He ended his existence sunk in misery, after so much glory.

Andrade was the first black footballer to stand out and party lover.
Andrade was the first black footballer to stand out and party lover.

And you could tell what would have been the first team that had dominated the world. In fact Uruguay won the Rimet Cup 1930 and the Olympic Games 1924 Y 1928. In Paris Games 1924, Europeans saw for the first time Uruguayan those distant stars, both of whom had heard. The French were delighted, and they attended numerous parties to see Uruguay. In the pre-tournament friendly against Yugoslavia, Uruguayans played just and not deliberately gave their best. Then in the first game of the Olympics they overwhelmed and surprised them by Yugoslavian 7-0.

One of the most absurd stories happened in Copa America 1919. President of the Brazilian government would want a selection with all white men, But there was a dark colored star leather: Friedenreich. What to do?

The solution was a bit humorous: Brazilian crack was put plenty of cream of rice in the face before games, so it looked white. It was worth it, since Friedenreich was top scorer of the competition with 4 goals and scored the goal that won the final victory against Uruguay in overtime.

Friedenreich was a mulatto with green eyes.
Friedenreich was a mulatto with green eyes.

Argentina's first victory took place in 1921 and it was the work of Libonatti. Striker Newell's Old Boys scored in every game: and think that players of the Argentine team were called "The Leper". In 1925 Argentina won again, but this year Uruguay did not participate for their many commitments.

In 1926, It first appeared Bolivia, that still was not up to the competition: in fact he conceded 24 goals. He won the competition again and Uruguay were three pichicis: Subiabre Chile, and the Uruguayans Scarone and Castro. Scarone was years scoring many goals for his team, thanks to its very precise shot, that refined constantly hitting empty wine bottles from 30 meters. Castro was "The Mutilated", since it lost a hand working as a carpenter.

In this edition he appeared David Arellano, From Chile, he who taught the world a new play, the Chilean. It was not the first having executed, since the inventor was another Chilean, Ramón Unzaga. But Arellano made her famous, although it was tragic end: He died in Spain (Valladolid) on tour with Colo Colo, by a violent collision with a center vallisoletano.

Anyway, There is much controversy about where it was for the first time Chilean. Eduardo Galean or supports the theory of Chile as an origin, Vargas Llosa is convinced that he was first in Peru, There thesis to Brazil. A little all Latinos want to be the inventors of this great play.

David Arellano - Luis Vaccaro - Chile Argentina 1926
Arellano say that invented the Chilean.

The end of the decade was in favor of the Argentineans. In 1927 It was played for the first time in Peru, in a stadium entirely of wood: the National Stadium in Lima. Despite the discomfort, He loved football Peruvians, who filled the field in every game. In 1928 He was not played, for there were Olympic Games, and in 1929 the selection Argentina She won at home, in Buenos Aires.

It was the America's Cup big Nolo Ferreyra, of Estudiantes de La Plata. It was who invented the legendary double-pass, who made the delight of his compaisanos. The pichchi was the Paraguayan Aurelio González , Olimpia Asuncion. The decisive match was Argentina-Uruguay 2-0 (Ferreyra goals and Mario Evaristo), played in the field of San Lorenzo de Almagro, before 60.000 viewers. Oh yeah, football began to spread very quickly.

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