Twenty years of one of the best goals in the history of Spanish Liga

Twenty years of one of the best goals in the history of Spanish Liga
The sequence of the spectacular goal from Ronaldo to the Compostela. Fuente:

Twenty years pass in a flash. That's what I think many of our readers to read this article recalling what was one of the best goals in the history of the Spanish League. Was a 12 October, national holiday in Spain, of 1996. It was Saturday and at that time, the star party which used to be the regional Teles televised Saturday night. Was the league of stars, what was it called, which it was possibly the only and true galactic league.

En aquel 12 October 1996, in full years 90 and the horizon of the new century, Bobby Robson's Barcelona faced against SD Compostela at that time, He began its second season and its history, in the Spanish Primera Division. And is that the Compostela, Logroñés and Extremadura, teams that have been refounded or live in the catacombs of Spanish football, They had the privilege of playing that League stars like you have in this article.

At that Barcelona, Trained Bobby Robson and Jose Mourinho as a young English translator, They played the likes of Figo (before his dream escape to Real Madrid), Luis Enrique who came from the White House, De la Pena, Pizzi and also with some very strange case like Amunike. It was the team most goals scored during the tournament 102. They were also the champions Cup against Betis made a sensational season. Bobby Robson and an old man guided the destinies of the FC Barcelona team taking over from Johan Cruyff. It was the first team to post Dream Team.

Mourinho no siempre fue "The Special One". First it was Bobby Robson's translator.
Mourinho was not always “The Special One”. First it was Bobby Robson's translator.

And on that day 20 years had the pleasure of seeing one of the best goals in the history of Spanish Liga. He marked him as Ronaldo, the original, the only true for many, which some call evil fat to separate Christian but had little overweight at that time. Then he ends up scoring goals everywhere in Madrid. The Brazilian gave a work of art for the viewer. For all but Caneda, Compostela president at the time and declared that his players had made a corridor to the Brazilian.

It was all very fast, as was Ronaldo especially before their bloody injuries. The Brazilian star, He picked up the ball in midfield, and faced up to the area defended a mustache myth Spanish football, and then the veteran Fernando. Compostela seven players were left behind on the road to Brazil, who in a fit of colossal power, unstoppable advancing towards the goal of your opponent . Willian, Bellido, Steps, Fabiano, Jose Ramon, Mauro and Chiba, never forget that 12 October 1996. We also why we included it in our list five of the best goals in the history of Spanish Liga.

Remember the video of the goal:

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