La Liga 1996/97: League stars

La Liga 1996/97: League stars
League stars, a season to remember certainly.

The season 1996-97 was the League of stars in Spain. The Bosman ruling  and the boom of television led to the arrival of many foreign signings in the summer of 1996. Virtually all teams First and Second Division to massive contracts were launched mostly foreigners. Some of high quality, others of dubious value.

Televisions invested thousands of millions of pesetas where the distribution was uneven as now but there was something for everyone. Nike took the exclusivity of the ball still today maintains the Spanish League and was painted as the best World League, status still remains despite seem more fictional than anything else. All these conjunctions created the League of stars.

the ball of the League of stars
Nike introduced the ball GEO, a revolution at the time.

The Law Bosman changed football

The Ley Bosman It changed the situation of many players and led to the arrival of many players born in the European Union following the European regulations were no longer foreigners. Before this law, You could only have four foreigners, counting as these players born in European Union.

Bosman with every reason in the world, He claimed his right to be able to play in any EU country without taking up space abroad. At the end of the day he would not stop being a worker more. For example, if a bricklayer and a footballer could not. Open borders are opened more the range of possibilities of clubs.

Real Madrid won the Liga and the Copa del Rey Barcelona

Real Madrid that season did not dispute European competition, He made a major refurbishment of its staff after the fiasco of last year and created a star studded team. And they reached the white club players Mijatovic, Suker, Roberto Carlos and Seedorf which together with Raul They made to Real Madrid Champion League. Under the baton of a Capello I was going to win their first league with whites. Ten years later he would win the second in the second stage in the white club. Two fingers

League stars
Mijatovic scored at Barcelona celebrates goal in the Classic that year. PHOTO:AS

The Barcelona He puts the spectacle despite being second in the regular championship. With a Ronaldo stellar accompanied by Figo, Luis Enrique and Pizzi, was the team most goals scored during the tournament 102. As well were the champions of Copa before a Betis who made a sensational season. A Sir Bobby Robson and old guided the destinies of the FC Barcelona team taking over from Johan Cruyff. It was the first team post Dream Team.

The League was very open

Real Madrid won the league with 92 points and finished second to Barcelona 90. The third and fourth were the Depor and Betis respectively totaled only 15 points less than the Champion and 13 unless the second. Today it would be unthinkable with differences up 40 points.

The classification was as follows:

League qualifying stars

League stars are called by them


The Brazilian was impressive. He was top scorer with 34 goals. It was far from that Cristiano and Messi scored twenty years later but those had much merit because the tournament was more balanced and interesting. To remind his goal against Compostela, simply stunning.

Luis Figo

Since the band's Camp Nou gave an exhibition of dribbling, assists and goals. At that time he was an idol, no one imagined that then would go to rival.

Suker s Mijatović

Real Madrid with Suker and Mijatovic, a pair of attack of the best he has had in its history. At that time, with the Balkan War still fresh, it was hard to imagine that a Croat and Montenegrin (Yugoslav) at that time they could understand so well, but they did. Suker scored 24 goals thanks to the assistance of a marked Mijatovic 14.

League stars
Mijatović s suker They made a lethal duo. PHOTO:Brand


It came as an unknown to the rows of Deportivo La Coruna and he ended up being one of the best players who have gone through the League. that season framework 21 goals.


Finidi George was one of the sensations of the League. Hobby Betis sure reminds the Nigerian who was one of the best players in the group at that time verdiblanco.

Roberto Carlos

Impressive from the left side of Real Madrid. Brazil would mark an era and since its first season it made clear. One of the sensations of the season certainly.

Clarence Seedorf

The Dutchman was one of the debutantes at Real Madrid and one of the best in the tournament. A physical marvel that almost twenty years later still active.

Raul, Alfonso, It was, Luis Enrique, Ziganda and Victor

Spanish strikers lived its best. All of them were among the top scorers in an era where most foreigners were. Alfonso scored 25 goals and it was the second top scorer while Raul made 21. It was, Luis Enrique, Ziganda and Victor brushed 20.

League stars
Raul scored this season 21 goals playing as end. PHOTO:As

Curiosities of that league stars

The Extremadura debut this season in the top flight. He was about to be saved in a second very good lap. At Christmas he moved to Monkey Navarro Montoya then descend with two more teams. Today the club does not exist as such.

That season had 22 First and equipment 20 in second. To rebalance category, They fell four up two. Second Division was well with 22 teams, number of teams that compose even today.

-Of the teams that made up the First Division that year, Extremadura and Logroñés They disappeared as such and were founded again.

Logroñés 1996/97 League of stars
Logroñés 1996/97 with players like Ruben Sosa. PHOTO: Old Don Balon

Jaques Songo´o He was the winner of the Zamora Trophy the goalkeeping. As fellow Tommy N´Kono previously, mustache and wore long pants. He won his debut year and being already a veteran.

-That season was the closure of Sarría. Espanyol mythical stadium was demolished at the end of that season.

The Bosman ruling also he brought many bad players at a high price. Amunike, Marinakis, Secretary, Renaldo, Colusso of Ivica Mornar Some examples of mediocre players who arrived by millionaire contracts League.

-In an era where black boots was the predominant, Alfonso It was a pioneer. He was the only player who wore white boots. Today it is rare to see a player with black boots.

Alfonso was a pioneer with his white boots.
Alfonso was a pioneer with his white boots. PHOTO:

Jose Mourinho arrived in the Spanish League but not as a coach or Real Madrid. By then “The Special One” It was much more modest. He came to Barcelona as assistant coach and translator for Sir Bobby Robson.

Mourinho no siempre fue "The Special One". First it was Bobby Robson's translator.
Mourinho was not always “The Special One”. First it was Bobby Robson's translator. PHOTO: Sports world


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