Ronaldo, the best striker in history

Ronaldo, the best striker in history
For many, Ronaldo is the best center forward in history. PHOTO:

For generations born in mid or late 90's, even in the XXI century, if they tell them Ronaldo, Portuguese will come to mind Cristiano Ronaldo. Those who at that time already enjoyed football, if we talk about Ronaldo Nazario de Lima The best striker they have ever seen in their lives will come to mind. Quite a soccer prodigy, thrashed rival goals from the mid-90's until 2011.

The best striker in history

Ronaldo, was born in Brazil on 22 September 1976, in the city of the famous carnivals, in Rio de Janeiro. Obviously, He is having been born there, some samba magic and he had to have and boy if he had. Capable of mischief in his best physical moments, He was the author of hundreds of spectacular goals and winner of many titles.

In its physical fullness, Ronaldo, He had an enormous speed, demolishing a change of pace and a capacity of definition was the delight of football fans. But it was so good, after a few kilos fat and not have the same fitness, goleando goals continued as easily, he simply changed his game, but remained the killer was.

Ronaldo was significantly more fat in Madrid than in Barcelona.
Ronaldo was significantly more fat in Madrid than in Barcelona. Photomontage: Brand

Best example of what we're talking about was the two versions Ronaldo were the two largest in Spain; Real Madrid and Barcelona. Ronaldo Barcelona, He had an impressive physical condition, He was able to score goals impossible, anthological plays. To remember golazos as he jumped to Compostela or Valencia. In Barcelona, He marveled the world. Many years later, He went through the Real Madrid, with a few kilos more, continued pounding goalposts. With anthological games like that hat-trick at Old Trafford. Simply, it was so good, I could thrashing anyway despite their physical condition.

But the race “Ronnie”, Logically it began in Brazil, where only with 16 years, and he is crushing the rival goalkeepers . Such was his progress, that just 16 years went to World USA 94. Dutch PSV, a sign front eye for booming, She was set at , After success with Romario and again hit, the crack triumphed in Netherlands. The Barcelona, as it did with Romario, he signed the player.

The ordeal of Ronaldo's injuries

In the Camp Nou, the brazilian star was going to delight football fans, including who writes. Barcelona but only lasted one season. It did not reach an agreement to increase its contract with Barcelona and Inter Milan took him by 4000 million of its clause. There, he remained 5 seasons but it happened the worst that can happen to a footballer, He was seriously injured. It was in the season 1999-00, Ronaldo, partially he broke the patellar tendon and was 6 month low. To top, the day he returned from his injury, relapsed and end, He was more than a year low. It seemed that the legend “Phenomenon” He came to an end.

World Cup champion in Korea and Japan and goalscorer for Madrid

The 9', he recovered and was transferred to Real Madrid in 2002, although skeptics thought it would be a fiasco. But took little in silencing the critics, the second to jump to the Bernabeu debut day marked, after, another mark to debut with a doublet. For but inri, He had left substitute. Real Madrid, He thrashed goalposts until 2007 Y framework 125 goals in 212 matches.
Ronaldo, the best striker in history
Ronaldo in his time as a Real Madrid player. PHOTO:
Then he went to Milan but this time to play in the rival Inter, AC Milan. And a fitness bordering on the lamentable, Ronaldo, He has played the last years of his career in the Brazilian League, where despite having the physical form of a single player games against married, marking continued until his body said enough. Injuries and treatments at the end had taken their toll. Total, He finished his career between clubs and selections 484 goals in 688 matches.

Brazil, He played four World ( USA 94, France 98, Korea and Japan 2002 and Germany 2006). He won two ( USA 94 and Korea and Japan 2002) and he lost the final of France, incredible record. He was twice champion of the Copa America (1997 Y 1999) Also, It marked among the final stages 15 goals. Total, I note 67 goals in 105 matches. RosarioGanó 19 between clubs and teams titles and numerous individual titles.

It has been awarded the FIFA World Player Award 1996, 1997 Y 2002 Golden Boot in Europe 1997, the Ballon d'Europe 1997 Y 2002. It also won the Golden Ball in the World France 98 and the Golden Boot in the Korea-Japan World 2002, among other awards. A legendary race for a historic player.

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