Magico Gonzalez, idol Cadiz CF

Magico Gonzalez, idol Cadiz CF
Magical Gonzalez was a genius despite his bohemian and pasota life. PHOTO: Twitter

Magico Gonzalez he was one of those wizards of the ball perhaps somewhat misunderstood. Born in El Salvador, there are many who think that his talent was superior to almost all the footballers of the time, even his own Diego Armando Maradona. It was also stated by Pelusa.

What if I'm the best player in the world? In Cádiz there is one better than me” The Argentine star came to affirm this wayward player born in El Salvador.

They say it, which it has been more orderly in your life, I could have reached the world's top football. And may be those who say they are not lacking in reason, Well, this footballer made impossible moves that left all those fans who came to the stadium speechless at the time Ramón de Carranza to see him every sunday.

Magico Gonzalez, a talent who liked to enjoy life

The football history of Jorge Alberto 'Magical’ González dates back to its origins in El Salvador, where he began his career at Antel, club where he marveled to the extent that in a match against Club Deportivo Águila, the commentator of that meeting baptized him by “Magician” because of their ball skills.

His career in Antel and later in FAS earned him to be selected with his country to play the World Spain 82 where he excelled and managed to draw the attention of several European clubs including Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint Germain, club with which he had bespoken his transfer, although the Salvadoran informalities prevented from taking fruition. Finally, Cádiz CF would be the team that would take upper hand and achieve close the transfer Gonzalez, already in step Andalusian renamed box “Magical”.

Where could Mágico González have arrived?

In the club tacit Silver, saw the best and the worst of Magico Gonzalez. From unique plays with unlikely dribbles, up goals worthy of a world star. But nevertheless, the Central American also had a bad side: fame sleeper ( the club had an employee every day whose mission was to awaken “Magical”) and festero (were constant nights out and drunkenness) constantly he caused the player was sanctioned by the club for indiscipline which nevertheless provoked protests from fans, eager to see the greatest talent that has played in Cádiz.

A collector of stories

His time at Cádiz sparked endless curious anecdotes, Like that semi-final match Carranza trophy, where Magic came late to the party and could only play the second half with his team. However, his two goals earned a win for Barcelona who had gone to rest for 0-3.

Precisely, in the Catalan club, Magico Gonzalez He was tested during the preseason 84-85, although an alleged eviction due to a fire in a California hotel caused his signing to be frustrated (apparently, while evacuation alarm sounded and the hotel emptied, Magic was in his room with a girl obviating the situation). There he came to coincide with Maradona. They would have made a spectacular duo on and off the field. Curiously none of the 2 he was finally on that team.

A career that could have been more prominent

From there, a fleeting passage by the Valladolid and a new tour of the Cadiz to 1991, year he returned to his country marked at the end of the golden age of this particular player. After retirement, Magico moved to Houston where he was on the team Houston Dynamo as assistant coach and also did one of his favorite hobbies, the taxi driver. In fact, there is an anecdote circulating about this from a Spanish journalist whom he took in his taxi during the USA World Cup 94.

Today he is still received as an idol by Cádiz and that is, Magico Gonzalez was so good, which was included in the FIFA hall of fame. Certainly deserved recognition for a large only did what he wanted, have fun with ball.

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