All Spanish League champions from 1990

All Spanish League champions from 1990
Barca dominated the Spanish League since 1990.

Barcelona is so far the last champion of the Spanish League champions to be crowned in 2016. Something that perhaps for younger does not seem a novelty but for those who already enjoy a certain age maybe if. And it sounds crazy but FC Barcelona had won only 10 links to 1990. Since then, has won 14 by 8 Real Madrid, 2 Atletico, 2 Valencia and 1 Deportivo. These are the league champions from 1990.

1990: Real Madrid
1991: FC Barcelona
1992: FC Barcelona
1993: FC Barcelona
1994: FC Barcelona
1995: Real Madrid
1996: Atletico Madrid
1997: Real Madrid
1998: FC Barcelona
1999: FC Barcelona
2000: Deportivo La Coruna
2001: Real Madrid
2002: Valencia
2003: Real Madrid
2004: Valencia
2005: FC Barcelona
2006: FC Barcelona2
2007: Real Madrid
2008: Real Madrid
2009: FC Barcelona
2010: FC Barcelona
2011: FC Barcelona
2012: Real Madrid
2013: FC Barcelona
2014: Atletico Madrid
2015: FC Barcelona
2016: FC Barcelona

It is noteworthy that without going any further, Barca won starting with reference year of the XXI century 2000/01, half of the tournaments that have been played in 16 years. If we are far behind 1990, Real Madrid was the clear dominator of the league tournament until that time entering a sort of spin or block since. In fact the whole Madrid has not won a league since 2012 when José Mourinho broke several records What will the 2017 the year that will see Real Madrid win a League?

Whites have managed to take advantage even with a game, but nevertheless, with Sevilla deflating, it seems that the League will be a thing of the two ocean liners and the tournament will be decided in the final days. If you want to bet on who will win the Spanish tournament we recommend searching the best odds on which they say is “The best league of the world” a good bet as comparator

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