Life and Death in the field

Life and Death in the field

Dnipro-Dinamo Kiev League Ukraine was about to end in tragedy. oleg Gusev, forward Dynamo Kiev, He ran for a ball in conflict with a defender and the goalkeeper of the home team, coached by Juande Ramos Spanish. Misfortune made the goalkeeper fortuitously to hit the front in the struggle of the ball leaving the latter left the pitch. Only the quick intervention of Kankava, Dnipro player saved the life of his rival.

The defense trailing the play in the foreground quickly prevented the player lost his life avoiding to swallow the tongue. Unfortunately, these cases do not always end well though not always occur with a stroke. In recent years they have soared case professional and amateur level. Then you remember the most shocking cases in recent years

1-Vivien Foe Marc

Cameroon disputed the semifinals of the Federation Cup 2003, the rival, was Colombia. In the minute 72, Foe, Cameroon captain and sign just completely collapsed on the field without any close rival. Despite the attempt to revive him for 45 minutes the player got not recover and died. I had 28 years.

2-Miklos Feher

Jose Antonio Camacho certainly not forget that tragic night 2004. The Spanish coach, directed Miklos Feher Benfica when, player of 24 years of the Portuguese team life left on the field. The match referee, was admonishing the Hungarian player when suddenly and cracked a smile while admonition, he collapsed on the field. The ambulance took 15 minutes to appear and failure to use a defibrillator by rain ran against him. The player died before the impotence of all those present.

Feher was killed on the lawn.
Feher was killed on the lawn.

3-Antonio Puerta

The case of Antonio Puerta was one of the most shocking cases that are remembered in Spanish football but unfortunately not going to be the last. It was the end of summer 2007 when Gate 22 Years passed out on the pitch in the first league match against Getafe. Despite being resuscitated and leave the field under his own power, He suffered a series of attacks in the costumes that killed him days later in a hospital. I was about to have a child. The case shocked all fans of football in general.

4-Dani Jarque

Jarque died not just on the pitch but while he was preseason with Espanyol in Italy. The case to be more dramatic still occurred when the player was attacked while talking to his girlfriend on the phone, Pregnant as in the case Door. They found him slumped in the room after his girlfriend gave the alarm and died in a hospital in Italy. It was in 2009 about Day Two years after what happened with door and had 26 years.

Door image and Jarque. They had parallel lives.
Door image and Jarque. They had parallel lives.

5-Pier Mario Morosini

For the Italian Morosini is one of those cases marked by tragedy since almost all his life, something very similar to the case of the recalled Manolo Preciado. Player 25 years had lost his very young parents as a teenager between 2001 Y 2003. His sister, with a severe disability, He depended on his brother who died 14 April 2012 after collapsing on the field in a match Serie B. A case certainly shocking.

6-Manolo Preciado

as, we could not pass the case of coach Manolo Preciado who died the night before being presented as Villarreal coach. It was in June 2012. The technician before had lost his wife to cancer, one of his sons in a motorcycle accident and his father in a tragic event with his car. Perhaps you too many misfortunes that ended with his heart.

"La vida me ha golpeado fuerte. I could have made it vulnerable and finish hitting a shot, or you could look up and grow. Elegí la segunda opción". Manolo Preciado
“Life has hit me hard. I could have made it vulnerable and finish hitting a shot, or you could look up and grow. I chose the second option”. Manolo Preciado

7-Chucho Benitez

The Ecuadorian 27 years was one of the stars of his country at the time of his death. In the summer of 2013 after winning the Mexican Clausura signed by a team of UAE where he died in mysterious circumstances in a hospital there.

But not everyone lost their lives in such tragic events. Others like Rubén De la Red, Fabrice Muamba Miguel Garcia or were lucky enough to advise them that life. Network blacked out in a game of King Cup in Irun, had to retire from football without having fulfilled the 25 but it could save lives. Miguel Garcia collapsed in a game of Salamanca and was 25 He died but returned seconds despite retiring from football, life continues as normal.

Muamba was 78 died minutes.
Muamba was 78 died minutes.

Fabrice Muamba was the case most surprising of all. Bolton player just 23 years in that afternoon 2012, He collapsed on the field being killed during 78 minutes. Miraculously he saved his life and managed to recover without sequelae for your health. He retired from football but could continue his life.

PD: The following video shows them we found a summary of all cases. We warned that the images may be damaged by the impact sensitivity showing so let your decision if you want to see it or not.

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