The best series of drawings on football

The best series of drawings on football
Supercampeones is a classic of the football cartoon series

What are the best cartoon series about football you remember most? Cartoons are an important part of people's childhood. Who has not seen during his early years a series?. Like football, does not escape this world, in Colgados we want to go back to our tender years to recall some of the best series of drawings related to the world of football that can be seen in AudiencesUSA.

Oliver and Benji champions or, one of the best series of drawings on football , if not the best

Oliver, Benji ball wizards…Benji, Oliver championship dreams…Benji, Oliver, Football is his passion. Surely more than one of you who are reading this article you have come to mind this famous chorus of the series of drawings on most famous football history.

In the same we could see a cast of characters from Oliver Atom to Benji through Mark Lenders, Ed Warner, the twins Derrick, Bruce Harper, Roberto, Julian Ross, Tom Barker, Danny Mellow y Alam, the poor only fit goalkeeper goals and whose role in the drawings was almost testimonial.

best series of drawings on football
¿Marc Lenders and Oliver Aton could be Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi?

impossible jumps, They are breaking shots that goalkeeper walls or introduced into, fields in which there was no end in sight and that seemed to be going uphill and individual plays that lasted ten chapters, They were the usual line of some drawings that, despite their little resemblance to real football,, They managed to get together in front of the television era, usually while we were enjoying a well-deserved snack. By the way, Have you ever wonderedHow long is Oliver and Benji's field??.

supergol, he “Spin Off” by Oliver and Benji

Taking advantage of the great pull produced by Champions, He was born Supergol. The argument, the appearance of the characters and the development of the series was copied to the legendary series of Oliver and Benji. So much so that el look of the main character in the series, Rafael, It was just like that of Oliver and his original story also. In Spain the issued T5 trying to repeat the success of Champions although the result was not the same.

Goal scorers

In the 90 the football cartoon series came out like hotcakes in Japan. A) Yes, Scorers created. The argument was unoriginal, a Brazilian player was expelled and decided to leave the land of the rising sun to become the best player ever. Hard 39 chapters. It could be the story of Ruy Ramos.

Soccer Fever, the series that told you the history of the World Cups

Another Japanese series created in 90 arrived on our screens at the doors of the USA World Cup 94 Although this argument was much better than their predecessors. Football fever consisted of the experiences of a British journalist along 60 years of World, specifically from Uruguay 1930 a Italia 90.

best football cartoon series
Soccer Fever, one of the best cartoon series about soccer.

Football action, the exploits of the mythical Naranjito

TVE brought their screens overlooking the World 1982 in Spain, a series devoted to pet the same, the legendary Naranjito. The argument, the exploits of Naranjito, Clementina his girlfriend and a colleague called citronio. A very romantic series.

best series of drawings on football
Citron, Naranjito and Clementina in action Football
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