Stanley Matthews, the longest-serving player in history

Stanley Matthews, the longest-serving player in history
Puskas and Yashin shouldering Sir Stanley Matthews. He retired in the 60's to the 50.

Stanley Matthews played until the 50 years. All a myth of British football reaches Colgados for football, where we turn to dust and out of our trunk of memories, the longest-serving player who is remembered on a pitch. Sir Stanley Matthews, an English gentleman.

It was a right end, agile, very fast and with a huge ability for dribbling, According to the chronicles of the time. known as “The Wizard Dodge”, He was a man so cool, he even designed a lighter boots than those used at the time and use them to destroy opponents from the side. further, He noted for being an authentic Sir and off the field.

Sir Stanley Matthews, the magician Dodge.
Sir Stanley Matthews, the magician Dodge.

Born in 1915, Sir Stanley always took care of his physical. physically worked more than the rest of the players of his era, who they were not much given to it yet. His father, an amateur boxing barber, Sir Stanley and woke his brothers at six in the morning to do calisthenics. During his years of professional he confessed that he slept twelve hours a day, He is claiming that this was another of his secrets to play professional football until 50.

In 1929 at fourteen he started working as a shoeshine Stoke City, Two years later he debuted in the top flight this computer that would remain until 1946, when with 31 years, He was transferred to Blackpool. He still had nearly twenty years of career ahead. As Blackpool player was runner-up Cup 1948 Y 1951, and champion 1953, which was surprisingly the only title of his lengthy career.


That final was remembered as “Matthews Final”. Lacking twenty minutes, Blackpool trailed 1-3, It was then that Sir Stanley pulled three geniuses in assistance, for the Blackpool end up winning the game 4-3. The victim of that historic event was the Bolton Wanderers. Wembley place.

The end of Stanley Matthewa.
The end of Stanley Matthews.


Stanley Matthews was not only the longest-serving player who is remembered in football history, but he achieved in his long career never be booked. It was the first winner of the Golden Ball, with 41 years, example being a whole. He played for England since 1934 until 1956, pulverizing records. He participated in the World 1950 in Brazil.

With 46 years returned to Stoke City, He scored the goal that meant the rise of Stoke to the First Division top of English football and was named player of the year. In 1965 He retired with 50 years, 82 goals and 710 matches. He was taken to shoulders Ferenc Puskas Y Lev Yashin, two other greats as seen in the picture above the article. The 23 February 1965 Queen of England named him Sir.

Sir Stanley the day he retired and with 50 fulfilled.
Sir Stanley the day he retired and with 50 fulfilled.

Two months later, the 28 April this year, he retired arguing very British humor: “Perhaps I was somewhat premature withdrawal”. With that same mood, He invited to dinner after his retirement to a group of journalists who predicted that his career would not last long. When they sat down at the table, Recalling cuts found these words. Fair 35 years after being knighted, the 23 February 2000, at the dawn of the new century, He died in hospital in Newcastle, to the 85 years and sleeping, as he liked.

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