The worst penalty of history

The worst penalty of history
Sergio Ramos shot in this horrible way one of the worst penalties in history. PHOTO: Brand

What are the worst penalties of history? Launch a maximum penalty seems easy but it is nowhere near, especially when there is pressure on the environment and at stake. In the world of professional football we have seen real professionals launch from the 11 meters but also, some improper horrors of professional football. We remember some of the worst penalty of history.

Henry y Pires, some friends

Henry and Pires played in the best Arsenal in recent decades. Hand Arsene Wenger managed to win a league still undefeated. But one day he happened to do this in the a penalty and what happened happened.

Ivan Rocha sent the corner

Ivan Rocha launched one of the worst penalties of history. It happened 6 from December to 1998, in the stadium Mendizorroza, when Alaves played in the top flight. The opponent was Valencia CF.

Rocha planted the ball mime, Valencia goalkeeper looked, He was prepared to whisk, He took his run, I ran determined to hit the ball and sent it off bounds by a side, to some 8 meters from goal, He is throwing the ball near the corner. A real eyesore.

Djukic gave the League to Barcelona with one of the worst in living memory penalty

Djukic missed the decisive penalty that gave the League to Depor in 1994. Seldom has the Spanish League was as exciting as in the campaign 93-94. A surprising Deportivo Coruna had to win their last league match against a goner Valencia no longer playing anything. With tie 0 In the last minute, Depor would get their hands on the championship with a penalty and. The central Depor, it launched this extremely horrific.

Sergio Ramos sent to Mars

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich through to the Champions League final is played 2012 when after an intense tie had to decide who would play the final from the penalty spot. The match was played at the Santiago Bernabeu and Sergio Ramos decided to take the responsibility for launching the decisive penalty.

The result?, zapatazo such hit him so badly and the ball went over the crossbar defending Neuer. It is rumored to have seen the ball by Mars.

Casquero wanted to be Panenka and launched one of the worst penalties of history

Javier Casquero Getafe player never forget the numbers game 32 the League 2008/09 played at the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid and Getafe empataban two when the minute 87 after a first leg match of monumental head of Pepe, the referee ordered a penalty in favor of azulones.

Casquero in a fit of genius decided he wanted to give his team win big, at the Bernabeu and before Iker Casillas. The artist decided to launch the penalty emulating the great Panenka. Look at yourselves what happened.

Simone Zaza launched one of the worst penalties of history in France 2016

Euro gambled 2016 in France. Italy faced France and the party, He would reach the penalty shootout. This would be the time when Simone Zaza, Italian striker, It was to star one of the most ridiculous penalty in history. Previous dancing around the ball, Zaza, It would send the ball off bounds.

The worst penalty of history, safe

you watch it. Words are unnecessary.


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