Escape to Victory, a classic football film

Escape to Victory, a classic football film
Sylvester Stallone in his role as goalkeeper in Escape to Victory (1981) PHOTO: Cinemanía

Escape to Victory as it was called in Spain, Fuga to victory in Latin America and Escape to Victory in its original title, It is one of the best football movies in history

heroic, very evident in sport and in football, It is a theme that drives many stories, somewhat exaggerated as is logical, but leave ribbons on facts, parties or situations experienced in this deporte.Hoy remember this film where we could see the screen as myths Sylvester Stallone Y Michael Keane with myths of football as Skin, Ardiles O Bobby Moore

Escape to Victory was shot in 1981

The film tells the story of a group of refugees in a camp Nazi World War II high command led by a former player of the German team ( made by Max Von Sydow) and where several former internationals come together as Michael Caine starring a former player for England. The film is located Sylvester Stallone in the role of a tough American who has no idea and just football team goalkeeper to try to elope.

The tape also includes the king of world football, Brazil Skin that plays a refugee soldier. The truth is that Brazil does not hit much in a film set in the war that engulfed Europe, Asia and even Oceania but had to give the film footballing level.

Escape to Victory
Pele made his first steps as an actor in Escape to Victory. PHOTO: Cinemanía

The main plot of this entertaining film is simple. The commander of the concentration camp, It is a former German international proposing a party for propaganda purposes English starring Caine. this meeting, You must face the team of refugees from a combined German camp guards. Fact that the resistance wants to use to organize an escape from the whole team, in a game that must be played in Paris. The film is a mixture enters the Great Escape and The Death Match.

A story based on real events that did not have a happy ending

And this film is based on a true story that also had a more faithful to reality movie so called, The death match. Here in Colgados for football, we have a history article Death Match, just not as good as Escape to Victory where Stallone and his fare better.

The football scenes of the movie by the way, They were coordinated by Pele and players of the time like Booby Moore or Ardiles participate among many others. Despite the story ends up being rather predictable, the film is quite entertaining if only to see Pelé null skills as an actor or a few traces of doorman of a Stallone, that does not strain much playing football.

Escape to Victory
Team Escape to Victory forming.


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