The best coaches in the history of Atlético de Madrid

The best coaches in the history of Atlético de Madrid
For many, Cholo is the best coach of Atlético de Madrid. PHOTO: /

Who are the best coaches in the history of Atletico Madrid? A perhaps somewhat difficult question to answer because the box is history colchonero, Facts and figures, one of the four greats of Spanish football. this is our list.

The best coaches in the history of Atlético de Madrid

Luis Aragones

The Sabio de Hortaleza led a total of 15 seasons the mattress in several different stages, In the first one, He passed almost directly from the lawn to the bench. A legend in the red and white house as both player and coach. as a coach: 1 League, 3 Copas, 1 and Supercopa 1 ascent.

Cholo Simeone

Another coach who is poised to be a legend Atletico Madrid if it is no longer. Atletico defended the shield box in bad and good times and doublet that 1996, in several stages as Atletico.

coaching, He came in 2011 with the club near the descent and did that same season champion of the Europa League and failed to qualify as fifth in the league. Since then all hits. His record as mister Atletico so far has 1 Europa League, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Copa del Rey, 2 Suspenders, 1 Spain Super Cup and two Champions League finals.

Radomir Antic

Serbia joined Atletico in 1995 when the mattress set was far from being a powerful team after two previous seasons the razor's edge near the descent. Under his baton, the rojiblancos reached the remembered double of the season 1995-96.

the best coaches in the history of Atlético de Madrid
Radomir Antic was the coach of the legendary double 1996. He passed away in April 2020. PHOTO:

It was also at two different stages on the bench while the second was far more bitter than the first being the coach drop 2000. His record at Atletico: 1 league and 1 Cup.

Helenio Herrera

H.H was one of the greats of the sport and one of the most controversial technical history. Some of his sentences, They were engraved with fire in the books of the sport. Much as his “çatennacio” which she led him to win titles almost everywhere where he was. During his time at Atletico he won four years 2 leagues and 1 Copa Eva Duarte.

Max Merkel

Also know as Mr Whip, Vienna-born coach was only two years on the bench Atletico (1971-73) and won 1 league and 1 Cup. Effectiveness above all.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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