Differences between the FA Cup and League Cup

Differences between the FA Cup and League Cup

Do you know the differences between the FA Cup and Capital One Cup? We often hear the single party celebrations of English competitions outside the Premier League. They are called FA Cup y Capital One Cup, Or what is the same, Cup and League Cup. major competitions that adorn the English football calendar throughout the year and no little emotion to bring followers of all teams involved in the competition.

What are the differences between the two competitions?

Although the public knows differentiating understood both championships with relative ease, it is also true that many people are confusing both competitions, the mixture, the flap or understand very well because not unified. Thus, today in Hanging by the Football we will analyze the five major differences between FA Cup y la Capital One Cup (also called until recently Carling Cup):

– Prestige: FA Cup boasts the most important and prestigious competition of English football partly because it is the oldest tournament in the world. On the 1871 and throughout its history has been won by large and modest though they have staged incredible feats. The Capital One Cup has its origins in 1960.

differences between the FA Cup and Capital One
Wigan won an FA Cup.

– Number of teams: the Capital One Cup has as participants 92 teams. The 20 Premier and 72 remaining in the Championship and Football League Championship, 1 Y 2. Conversely,  in the FA Cup you can present any computer that meets the following requirements:

– have their own stadium. It is not necessary to have a certain capacity, simply with dimensions (111 O 100 long by 75-64 Wide), have changing rooms for both teams and making light with a minimum light socket 120 watt.

– pay the appropriate fee for participating, amounting to a 75 pounds, (90 euros).

– security measures for possible emergencies.

This makes it arrived at figures as high as the 762 it's from the season 2009-10 (record to date) and sometimes participating teams of friends or villages far away from the big clubs in the Premier.

Format: FA Cup is played a single match since the first round and the final takes place at Wembley generally. It takes place from August to May, but teams of the Premier not come until the third round. No seedings and the draw held on the same night after finishing the matches of the qualifying round to overcome, determines which team plays at home first. If there is a tie, one replay in the field rival visitor who has played first is disputed. If the tie persists, this is solved through the penalty shoot.

En la Capital One Cup, the playoffs are only meeting, but the semifinals are the exception disputing a doubleheader. The end is also Wembley. If there is a tie in a series no replay, but directly penalty shootouts. The draw that same night to finish a round determines which teams play at home is held and those outside. The tournament takes place from August to February only.

Champion: both a champion like other have access to the Europa League directly. If the FA Cup champion has access to the Champions, then the place is for the runner-up and also has access, then it goes to the sixth Premier. En la Capital One Cup, the right to access the Europa League is only for the champion.

League Cup originates 1960.
League Cup originates 1960.

Awards: Champion FA Cup takes 2.000.000 pounds while the champion of the Capital One Cup just 100.000 and runner-up 50.000. ITV retransmits the FA Cup competition while Sky Sports does the same with the Capital One Cup.

A good solution for Spain

The idea of ​​League Cup and Cup already existed in Spain for some years in the early 80 (83-86) thanks to the initiative of José Luis Nunez. But nevertheless, Party excess, low television ratings and poor attendance spectators in a little suitable dates ended it. Today, it is difficult to resume, but presents a number of advantages that should be analyzed:

– the possibility of creating a new title and a more open competition.

– the ability to dispute a single party and two-party detriment Cup, I could spend one single.

– the possibility of football excitement to a needy riskier and more direct fight, football without much control.

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