How is football in Logroño?

How is football in Logroño?

The Logroñes was a classic of Spanish football for many years. With its disappearance, He was a football void in the difficult city to fill. From "Hanged", we want to present the complicated situation that exists in the capital came after the demise of the legendary C. D. Logroñés (Look do want to remember here). Up to five computers, in a small town of just 150.000 population, They try or have tried to fill the gap left by a team that competed in the two categories of Spanish football. Follow us, we present football in Logroño, meets the eye.

The old CD Logroñes militated in the first category of Spanish football for a long time.
The old CD Logroñes militated in the first category of Spanish football for a long time.

Logroñés Sports Association Foundation:

Better known as Foundation was created in 1999 and I never had a great social support. It was the first of the teams who wanted to replace the usual Logrones but at the end of the campaign 08/09 the team disappeared after serious economic problems and after several liguillas promotion to 2nd B failed. His shield included the “CD LOGROÑÉS” inside the shield of the city of Logroño and in season 04/05 the first derby lived between the Foundation and the C.D. Logroñés in Third Division.

Recreation Club Deportivo La Rioja:

Founded in 2000, only one year after the Foundation. Its sole purpose was also to be the benchmark club in the region for years to come. Starting from the Regional Preferente quickly got planted in Second B, where it would play also some other derby with C.D. Logroñés. In the summer of 2005 the club would die after suffering a conversion.

deportivio derby club
Logroño derbies spend almost no amateur categories.


Recreation took over the Year 2005 after a court order that also served to change the shield and clothing garnet known for rojiblanca. After three years of always encouraging projects in the bronze division club finished in descending category 2008 and I chose to give up playing again in Third, disappearing as an entity. Martin Vellisca was one of the veterans who wore his shirt in one of the derbies lived in Las Gaunas at that time.

Ud logroñés:

Have 46 years of history, but only since 2009 It is known by this name. Previously he responded to CD Varea, a team from a suburb of the same name logroñesa, that after his promotion to Second Division B achieved the same year was renamed U.D.L. by approval of all partners. The intention was none other than using the name Logroñés, absent and in Spanish football. Until this summer its leader was none other than Felix Revuelta, riojano powerful businessman owner of dietary franchise Naturhouse Naturhouse and president of La Rioja, ASOBAL team this year Logroño walks name throughout Europe. Known brand has more than 1700 establishments 22 different countries.

The shield of UD Logrones.

After two spendthrifts projects in 2nd B, He managed to reach the fifth and sixth in the last two years, inadequate when the goal was none other than the rise. With exorbitant salaries for category(120.000 euros) such as Diego Cervero and Oscar de Paula, the club decided to drastically change its philosophy and Félix Revuelta presented an electoral process to elect new president. After a single candidate Pedro Martinez was appointed president and representative of a board of directors. His first important decisions have been reducing significantly the budget, riojanos youth bet more and eliminate the position of technical secretary who last season had occupied the former legendary C.D Logroñes, Valencia, Celta de Vigo and the Spanish selection, Jose Ignacio. It militates in Group I of Second B.


After the descent to the Regional Preferente CD LOGROÑÉS in January 2009, It came a footballing project in La Rioja capital denominated Club Puerta Puerta zero or zero Platform. It was named after successive clandestine meetings were wearing out by former members of the defunct C.D. Logroñés at zero gate of the new Las Gaunas with the sole aim of creating a new team from the ground up with the same principles.

The shield of Logroñés S.D..

The 4 June 2009 a Constituent Assembly was held at the Public Library of Logroño attended by 200 pre-partners 700 which had paid the 20 euros annual fee and thus was born the S.D.L. In his first year in Regional he broke all records to proclaim champion 39 wins and a draw, 179 goals for and 27 against. He came to gather 1152 Partners in this category.

The following year he almost reaching the Second Division B, since in the last qualifying play-off of a very favorable marker brought Segovia (0-1), but in the World 82 fell dramatically by 0-3 and it was the Gymnastic Segoviana which saw his dream fulfilled. In his second year at third if he would get the coveted promotion and for a couple of seasons the team Tato Abbey coexists with U.D.L. in 2ª B.

The legendary Abbey Tato addresses the S.D.. Logroñes.
The legendary Abbey Tato addresses the S.D.. Logroñes.

In a town of barely 150.000 inhabitants there are two teams with a very poor category comparing past, dividing municipal subsidies, Local sponsors and sharing a stadium 16.000 viewers built for superior football. Sunday after Sunday Las Gaunas has an unfortunate entry of no more than 2500, no matter who the local computer, U.D.L. o S.D.L.

Every summer both teams try to agree to unify forces, but antonyms philosophies, ideals and history make it impossible for the long-awaited union for most riojanos who just want a computer in the city. This is the controversial and complicated footballing situation that exists at present in the small community of La Rioja. Where for a time he enjoyed football and show first, everything now long for the fans logroñeses. By the way, The Union defeated the Society 2-0 in the last derby played one week ago.

UDL- sdl
Second B derby is the closest of the elite who can watch football in Logroño.
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  1. You should better inform. The logroñes ud is not the varea but k buy your seat and step varea regional and UDL second step b.

  2. three shades: 1. Zero door was not a club but a platform amateur. 2. They were not clandestine but public meetings. Y 3. On the website of the SDL is very well explained the whole issue of binding attempts and demonstrates very clearly that it is Revuelta who does not want.

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