Jose Enrique operated of a rare brain tumor

Jose Enrique operated of a rare brain tumor
The Valencian José Enrique had to undergo emergency surgery for a rare type of cancer. Photo: Mirror

According to the newspaper revealed ‘Brand‘, The former Levante, Valencia, Villarreal, Liverpool, Newcastle and Zaragoza among others, Jose Enrique, underwent surgery for a rare brain tumor. The Valencia player just 32 years, He retired last year of football and is dedicated to representing players. Precisely he was in England when he began to notice that something was wrong.

Speaking to Marca, Jose Enrique who had surgery at the hospital La Fe de Valencia, I affirm that “We were reunited with Chris Hughton, Brighton coach that I had in my time at Newcastle. That night as I was starting to bother light. I arrived at the hotel and thought they were migraines”.

But in the morning he realized that he could think of something much more serious. “During the night I had a sore head and brutal the next morning I began to see blurry. Then I started seeing double. His eyes were open and seeing double. I had to go to the emergency room and, after nine hours there they make me a TAC. It is a tumor located in a difficult area of ​​the head. It is very rare, rare. I had located behind the eye, so now I wear a patch” Valencia said side.

You will now have to undergo radiotherapy sessions. Some footballers of his companions and clubs where militated, They were quick to send encouragement from social networks. “All this makes life more values. Footballers live in a bubble, It is an unreal life. You lose and you think you are invincible. When you play football you the head not They check. Now I just want to get well”, said Jose Enrique.

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