Great puffs from the Spanish League: Manteca Martinez

Great puffs from the Spanish League: Manteca Martinez
Manteca Martinez in his playing of Deportivo Coruna. PHOTO: As

Most veterans Deportivo Coruna insurance followers reminiscent of Manteca Martínez.A player who had a big sign on Argentina where He had played in Boca Juniors and River Plateand in South America in general he was considered where a player level.

He arrived at Deportivo Coruna with less than 30 years but it was far from its best

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, he 15 of January of 1969, came to Riazor con 29 years from Boca Juniors in January 1998. Despite having a promising debut, his star took so little only he played with the shirt of Deportivo Coruna in three games during the season 97-98 which also he marked as deportivista zero goals.

This was a real problem for a player who cost the Deportivo Coruna the not inconsiderable figure of 500 million pesetas. His background as deportivista ended as it had started poorly with a period in which he could not even go summoned.

Back home to finish his career

Finally, he left his country to play, specifically to National, leaving an image that did not correspond to that shown up before arrival A Coruña where he had completed a pretty decent career mostly in Argentine football.

That Deportivo Coruna season 1997-98 it was one Babel Tower, full of nationalities. Its more than obvious decline as a football player and his unsuitability, did the rest urging the “Butter” to go down in history with more pain than glory for a league like the Spanish.

"Manteca" Martinez said in Boca scorer.
“Butter” Martinez said in Boca scorer. PHOTO: Clarion
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