Players who played in Boca and River

Jugadores que jugaron en Boca y River
El Loco Gatti played in Boca and River. PHOTO: The graphic

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What players played in Boca and River? These two teams, they are possibly the two biggest teams in Argentina. Two rivals also citizens, en la gran Buenos Aires, where ever they meet, saltan chispas, demasiadas, over has many problems and setbacks between the two hobbies. While a player moves from one computer to another, It is considered high treason. However, there are few which have fought on both sides.

The classic between Boca and River It is one of those experiences that are recommended to football fans. A unique show if we refer exclusively to the sports field. Although sometimes unfortunately distorted by so-called ‘Brave Bars‘ like that classic marked by pepper spray o that final of the Copa Libertadores de 2018 they had to play in Madrid, Spain, at the Santiago Bernabéu, thousands of km from Buenos Aires, precisely because of the violent incidents caused by this type of brainless.

jugaron en Boca y River
The Boca-River Copa Libertadores 2015 ended in serious incidents with the launch of pepper spray and the expulsion of Boca de la Libertadores. PHOTO: Infobae

Estos son los jugadores que han jugado en Boca y River

Ricardo Gareca

jugaron en Boca y River
Ricardo Gareca played in Boca and River FOTO: Be

Gabriel Omar Batistuta

Gabriel Omar Batistuta also passed by both houses. PHOTO: Ears


jugaron en Boca y River
Maidana is now an institution in River but he was one of those players who played in Boca and River. PHOTO:

Claudio Caniggia

caniggia y maradona FUTBOL SAPIENS
Claudio Caniggia went through Boca and River. PHOTO: Football Sapiens

Oscar Ruggeri

Ruggeri also wore T-shirts River and Boca. PHOTO: Infobae

The Witch Berti

Sergio 'Witch’ Berti also played in Boca and River. PHOTO: Ears

Lucho Figueroa

figueroa boca river
Lucho Figueroa was others who played for Boca and River

Juan José López

juan jose lopez
Juan Jose Lopez was another who played for Boca and River. PHOTO: Clarion


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