European Cups by country: The Premier stalks LaLiga

European Cups by country: The Premier stalks LaLiga
Real Madrid y Liverpool, two teams that feel comfortable in the Champions League (

Normally, we take into account the European Cups (currently known as the Champions League) won by a certain club. But nevertheless, in this article we will review the titles obtained by each country.

logically, the main leagues football Europeans with which they dominate the list of winners. In recent years, the Premier League English tries to cut ground to LaLiga Spanish. It draws powerful attention as championships considered minor such as Portugal or the Netherlands, are far above France in terms of titles, for example, that only has a trophy.

  • Spain: 18 Titles (13 of Real Madrid and 5 FC Barcelona).
  • England: 14 Titles (7 del Liverpool, 2 del Nottingham Forest, 2 del Chelsea, 2 of Manchester United and 1 Aston Villa).
  • Italy: 12 Titles (7 from A.C. Milan, 3 from Inter and 2 from Juventus Turin).
  • Germany: 8 Titles (6 from Bayern Munich, 1 the Hamburg and 1 del Borussia Dortmund).
  • Netherlands: 6 Titles (4 del Ajax, 1 of PSV and 1 del Feyernoord).
  • Portugal: 4 Titles (2 of Porto and 2 of Benfica).
  • France: 1 Title (Olympique Marseille).
  • Scotland: 1 Title (Celtic de Glasgow).
  • Yugoslavia/Serbia: 1 Title (Red Star Belgrade).

European Cups / disputed finals

The Real Madrid is the clear dominator of the record. The white team has won 13 of the 16 finals he has played. This is the full list:

  • Real Madrid: 13 titles 16 contested finals.
  • AC Milan: 7 titles 13 contested finals.
  • Liverpool: 7 titles 9 contested finals.
  • Bayern Munich: 6 titles 11 contested finals.
  • FC Barcelona: 5 titles 8 contested finals.
  • Ajax: 4 titles 6 contested finals.
  • Inter de Milan: 3 titles 5 contested finals.
  • Manchester United: 3 titles 5 contested finals.
  • Chelsea: 2 titles 3 contested finals.
  • Juventus: 2 titles 9 contested finals.
  • Benfica: 2 titles 7 contested finals.
  • Nottingham Forest: 2 titles 2 contested finals.
  • Port: 2 titles 2 contested finals.
  • Borussia Dortmund: 1 title in 2 contested finals.
  • Celtic de Glasgow: 1 title in 2 contested finals.
  • Hamburg: 1 title in 2 contested finals.
  • Olympique Marseille: 1 title in 2 contested finals.

As we can see in the list, Nottingham Forest Y Port they are the ones with the best percentage. Both were able to win the two finals in which they were present. Conversely, the Juventus and the Benfica they are the least effective since they only added two European Cups to their record playing 9 Y 7 finals respectively.

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