Chilean players around the world

Chilean players around the world

Chile is one of the rivals of Spain in the next World Cup in Brazil 2014. In recent years, Chile's national team has established itself as one of the strongest teams in South America. Great fault of excellent growth of Chilean football is due to the exodus of most of its players to the big leagues of Europe and various world championships. Players like Alexis and Arturo Vidal, They are top level players and play in two of the biggest teams in the world, Barcelona and Juventus, But are not the only ones, and there are a lot level. You know how many Chileans are scattered through the leagues in the world?, Stay with us and see.

La Liga (Spain)

The Spanish tournament is one of the championships with more Chileans playing on their computers. Until 14 Chile-born players play between the First and the Second Spanish Division. Alexis Sánchez stand and Claudio Bravo.

Claudio Bravo BY 30 years Real society
Alexis Sanchez OF THE 24 years Barcelona Soccer Club
Fabián Orellana OF THE 27 years Celta Vigo
Bryan Rabello WITH 19 years Sevilla FC
Manuel Iturra WITH 29 years Granada C.F.
Matias Campos WITH 24 years Granada C.F.
Christian Bravo WITH 20 years Granada C.F.
Pedro Morales WITH 28 years Málaga Football Club
Francisco Silva WITH 27 years Osasuna
Lorenzo Reyes WITH 22 years Real Betis
Francisco Prieto BY 30 years CD Mirandes
Felipe Gallegos OF THE 22 years Recreativo Huelva
Angelo Henriquez OF THE 19 years Real Zaragoza
Adoniz Fuenzalida BY 18 years Valencia Mestalla

A series (Italy)

Italy with nine players, It is another favorite European countries of Chilean players. Arturo Vidal stand, David Pizarro or Matías Fernández.

Arturo vidal WITH 26 years Juventus Football Club
Mauritius WITH 25 years Juventus Football Club
Jaime Valdes WITH 32 years Parma Football Club
David Pizarro WITH 34 years Fiorentina
Matías Fernández WITH 27 years Fiorentina
Mauricio Pinilla OF THE 29 years Cagliari Calcio
Felipe Seymour WITH 26 years Spice
Carlos Carmona WITH 26 years Atalanta
Nelson Bustamante WITH 20 years U.S. Lecce

Liga MX (Mexico)

Mexico is a very desirable destination for Chilean players with six players militating in Liga MX. Suazo, a classic, the most outstanding player who plays in that league.

Humberto Suazo OF THE 32 years Monterrey
Hector Mancilla OF THE 33 years Morelia
Rodrigo Millar WITH 32 years Atlas
Miguel Pinto BY 30 years Atlas
Esteban Paredes OF THE 33 years Querétaro F. C.
Daud Gazale OF THE 29 years |Dorados de Sinaloa

Brasilerao (Brazil)

Brazil has 5 Chileans playing on their computers. They include Eduardo Vargas and Jorge Valdivia.

Eduardo Vargas OF THE 24 years Guild
Jorge Valdivia WITH 29 years Palmeiras
Claudio Maldonado WITH 33 years Corinthians
Marcos González DEF 33 years Flamengo
Eugenio Mena DEF 25 years Santos F.C

Premier League (England)

The best league in the world only has four Chileans. Gary Medel, the “Pitbull”, It is the most famous Chilean Premier.

Jean Beausejour WITH 29 years Wigan Athletic
Gonzalo Jara DEF 28 years Nottingham Forest FC
Lawrence Vigouroux BY 20 years Tottenham Hotspur
Gary Medel WITH 26 years Cardiff City FC

Eredivisie (Holland)

Dutch tournament has three Chileans though none played in the big tournament considered the country of tulips.

Felipe Gutiérrez WITH 23 years FC Twente
Stefano Magnasco DEF 21 years Fc Groningen
Cristián Cuevas WITH 18 years Speed

curiously, in Bundesliga, one of the best competitions in the world do not find any Chilean player. The rest of the cast of players born within the limits of Chile extend to a variety of countries such as Australia, Arab Emirates, Russia, Guatemala, Turkey, Venezuela, Croatia or even destinations as diverse as Malasya or Palestine. Notable Rodrigo Tello Contreras and Mark Gonzalez or fast veterans who are in Russian football.

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