The best players in the history of Hercules

The best players in the history of Hercules

Today we look at the top ten players in the history of Hercules. All Alicante is one of the historic of football. He has enjoyed 20 seasons in the First Division of Spanish football and lived his golden age in the seventies achieving its best historical classifications (5º y 6º) and stringing 8 consecutive seasons in First. The president of that Hercules C.F. was D. José Rico Pérez today gives its name to the stadium and coach Arsenio Iglesias.

Manolo Maciá

The player born in the Alicante town of Santa Pola was the first major defense of Hercules back in the C.F 30 and rejected big offers (Real Madrid among others). The Spanish Civil War ended with the great Hercules C.F. which he reached the semifinal of Cup and not have suffered the miseries of war who knows what would have dealt her.

Maciá had to live in exile for a false accusation and only by special permission could return to Alicante after the war and playing with alicantinos. Holds the record for seasons at the club, nothing less than 15, some of them combining function player with the coach.


The player born in the Alicante town of Orihuela was one of the football stars of the early 60. With only 17 this extreme parties decided years, their speed was dominating that earned him sign for Atletico Madrid but heart damage detected during the medical examination he meant the withdrawal of football and possibly save your life. He retired with only 21 years.

Juan Baena

Footballer formed in the quarry of Real Betis, despite its status striker, Arsenio Iglesias reconverted him to central defender and defensive midfielder. It wore the dorsal 8 with relentless punches that made players like Neskens. Their numbers endorse them being the player most games dress shirt Hercules (309) Y 12 seasons (of the 71 al 83) accumulating a total of 224 Primera Division matches alicantinos. It was the first Spanish footballers perform a university degree (medicine).

baena with Pirri
Baena with Pirri in a match against Real Madrid. Both would become doctors later.

"El Tigre Barrios"

Top scorer in the history of Hercules in the Primera Division. The front arrived from F.C.Barcelona in 1974 partly thanks to the signing of Cruyff by the Catalans and the mediation of the director of Hercules C.F. D. José Maria Minguella. A Arsenio Iglesias orders achieved the best historical classification of Hercules in First. 5th place. However Hercules left out of the UEFA Cup on goal difference. The numbers; 4 seasons, 115 parties and 35 goals (all in First).

Miograd Kustudic

Affectionately they nicknamed in Alicante this Yugoslavian striker as "Pepe" Kustudić,. It was the replacement after the departure of the previous season Barrios Tigre. First three seasons with the Hercules C.F, of the 78 to 81. The Yugoslavian international played the historic Yugoslavia-Spain (1977) one of the most violent games of football history became known as the "Battle of Belgrade ". If the late Hercules 70 It was feared in the Spanish League, center front, it was not least for opposing defenses.

Kustidic on an image of the day.
Kustudić on an image of the day.

Andoni Goikoetxea had in Alicante, herculano former coach and former international central defender Athletic Bilbao, one of the games most feared player in his stage was against Hercules; "They had a Yugoslav front named Kustudić with a physical force and scored from crushing head. I have still a scar on the face of an encounter I had with him ". Each ball into the box was a chance for a team whose backbone was formed by Amador, Giuliano, Saccardi and Kustudić, four colossi which imposed, each in their area.


“Cacho "Saccardi played 4 Hercules seasons with Arsenio Iglesias in the First Division where he participated in 106 matches. It was like a tsunami on the lawn that had everything he could find his way. His opponents feared him, his companions loved him. Hector Carmelo Giuliano, his inseparable friend Hercules, I knew that before he had a life insurance.

Caballito steering wheel was the complete player. That any coach wanted his orders. While Cesar Luis Menotti did not hesitate to summon him for Argentina by then preparing the World Cup 78, the first to conquer the Albiceleste.

Hector Carmelo Giuliano

The best defense of Hercules C.F in the First Division came to lead the Hercules Arsenio Iglesias (coach) and D. José Rico Pérez (President). Juice 212 first division matches and scored 14 goals. He noted for his forcefulness and physical strength with a ball-striking power which allowed him to make many goals despite being defense.

Right Giulano.
Right Giulano, left Kustudić.

Nine seasons in Hercules (8 of them in consecutive Primera Division). He was elected several times by national media as the most consistent player in a Spanish league in which there were figures like Cruyff, Kempes, Luiz Pereira, Netzer, Breitner, Neeskens, Iríbar, Pirri or Asensi among many others. F.C.Barcelona had offers and Valencia but José Rico Pérez refused to be the leader of your project and the best Hercules history.


The goalkeeper only played two seasons in the Blue and Whites but his great reflexes assumed one of the first large transfers charged by Hercules (35 million pesetas). El meta, He was transferred to Barcelona where was 6 seasons. He arrived at Hercules from Real Madrid after failing enjoy opportunities. Hércules disputed 63 Primera Division matches (78-80).

Mario Kempes

The signing of Mario Kempes by Hercules in the winter (season 84-85) He stunned the football world and was marked by skepticism national media. Few believed in a "matador" no sword, but in Alicante they believed in him and corresponded with 13 months of full-white football, magic and goals.

The star returned to light the world from the Rico Pérez. Quality led the Whites to achieve a historical permanence in the last day of league at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid (0-1) with a goal from another Argentine, Dante Sanabria. Kempes lived in Alicante a second honey moon football. He felt at ease, family and most importantly, He again felt footballer.

Kempes with Hercules zamarra.
Kempes with Hercules zamarra.

Although not a long time, He left an indelible mark on the fans of Hercules. As is the indelible memory of that Olympic goal that made him Kempes from the bottom corner south to "Pato" Fillol, Argentine goalkeeper Atletico Madrid. Each stage visiting the matador was applauded by the visiting fans, especially remembered in San Mamés ovation after a masterful performance.

After the march of Kempes, Hercules suffered a sporting decline culminating in relegation after 8 long seasons in the first division club. The disease was served and faced his Valencia of their love that had ruled him months before considering it old for football and answered the pitch with goals. their numbers; 38 parties and 10 goals.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Top scorer in the history of Hercules in a single season, achievement 32 goals in Second B in 92-93 achieving the coveted promotion to the Second Division after many years away from professional football. His good seasons in all Alicante earned him his move to Rayo Vallecano (First division) It is only two seasons and scoring all Madrid 8 goals (7 of them in Second Division).

In a Hercules-Rayo Vallecano of the 94-95 Rico Perez tier while the player warmed in the band chanted his name and called for the return of striker Espanyol; “Rodriguez returns to Alicante, Rodriguez returns to Alicante”. Alicante Aniceto Benito directive and the player made it possible and the striker had a great impact on this season Hercules 95-96 champion who finished second and amounted to lack of 3 journeys.

The following season, and First Division, He made a historic goal to F.C.Barcelona which marked the comeback of Alicante in the Camp Nou and historical campanada (alicantinos lost 2-0 break), at 2-3 final. Rodriguez made the third breaking the waist Blanc (world champion after France). Barcelona was that Ronaldo, Guardiola and a young Jose Mourinho who acted as assistant and translator for Robson. It was classic national football front of Second 90. In his last season in Hercules, the 97-98, framework 9 goals.

Rodriguez played for Hercules from 2ªB to 1st.
Rodriguez played for Hercules from 2ªB to 1st.

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