is consolidated as the most important fantasy web of Spain is consolidated as the most important fantasy web of Spain is one of the best websites fantasy of Spain

ago 3 years came the web, but it has already become one of the most popular sports portals. Every day, thousands of users, they play a fantasy championship with friends or co-workers, consult your articles and information about players and clubs in the League Santander.

Today we spoke with its creator Jose Antonio, who tells us how the idea came from

Good José A. Can you tell us a little the origin of the portal?

– Thank you first for making us a hole in your web. The idea came about almost by chance, I'm addicted to Comunio and seeing the shortcomings that had consultations the main website called Comuniazo, I decided to improve it especially for use with friends, but of course the thing I liked and was a little out of hand.

What do you think has been the success of comuniate?

Well I could say first of its design, an environment friendly and highly visual, where all the information of teams and players is very fast and comfortable. But mostly people have passed Comunio points to consult in real time and in a manner fully reliable, faultlessly. For example the Real Madrid lineup takes a hit of the 93%, bad because of the changes that each day we introduce Mr.. Zidane. has an excellent system with high accuracy as a percentage of the possible alignments of equipment.

Fantasy born several sites in recent years, Are we witnessing a resurgence of such games?

Well honestly, I think today there are less than a few years ago, but there are more upscale. Before there was only the fantasy Comunio, today have taken much prominence others like Biwenger, Futmondo, Mister the Power Brand Fantasy.

Today information portals fantasy for today in Spain, there is 3 powerful, but I think ours is the most complete by possible alignments of each day, for their current articles, You cover date of daily sports and especially as I say, for the Comunio points more comprehensive and reliable.

We have been told that your possible alignments of each day are of the highest Is there any trick that you use?

For all the success it is due to the large group of collaborators we formed this, each specializes in Santander League team and every day are reported to know the status of the players on your team.

What tricks recommend Comunio players so they can win their championship?

Especially since we read daily, what They not cling only to players from their favorite teams (in Comunio no colors) and that not have pity on anyone, in Comunio no friends, Only then you can create the foundation for a good fantasy season.

Well from I congratulate you on your website and tell you that much of what we are people who follow your advice and articles daily.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

Hanged for football fully. Attempt to gather letters and tell stories in Specialist retro football Current. Football Coach Level II. You can follow me on @AlbertiniLlopis @colgadosfutbol


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