The Battle of Belgrade: a party to the limit

La Batalla de Belgrado: un partido al límite
The Battle of Belgrade lived up to its name on the field. FOTO: Youtube Capture

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The Battle of Belgrade It was one of those matches that undoubtedly went down in history. The former Yugoslavian and Spanish people with character are not disputed by anyone, but maybe what happened the 30 de noviembre de 1977 It was too much. Yugoslavia and Spain were measured in the packed stadium of the Little Maracana in Belgrade. 100.000 frenzied spectators should encourage a local team that had to win by two goals to Spain if I wanted to access the World of Argentina. To the Spanish team, coached by Ladislao Kubala, meanwhile, he was worth the tie, or even, the narrow defeat.

The Battle of Belgrade, a party that was a war on green

Marshal Tito, aware of the importance of the meeting had declared the day a holiday so that the army could attend the meeting. At stake were many things. Spain and Yugoslavia maintained a rivalry that had led them to cope in the previous qualifying for the World Cup, then with Balkan victory.

Sin embargo, Now things seemed different. Spain had a new batch of players, brave, Young and fearless. Juanita, Camacho or Migueli were not people see crinkling down hundreds of flares on the pitch. They needed much more than fireworks to be afraid.

Aware of them, Yugoslavs took the manual on how to win at home by the civil or criminal way, and they decided to opt for the second option. Result of this, The game was not such, but a real battle, to from “Belgrade”. Very beginning of the meeting, Juanita, He received a business card as a brutal Bujan entry that was neither sanctioned by the English referee Burns. A warning of what would happen the minute 3, Sead Susic when he was going to charge Pirri, taking this to be replaced by Antonio Olmo.

After a first part of light local domain, the party comes to rest with 0-0 and many nerves especially, on the local side, they see how things do not work. Even less, when the minute 76, Ruben Cano takes advantage from a center Cardeñosa to overtake the Spaniards in the lead.

Buttoned Plan A, you have to go to the B think the Slavs. That is none other, to further increase the aggressiveness, foment conflict, take the match to violence. Thus Muzinic strongly hits Juanito, you must go outside the field of victim kicking game. The output will not be all that comforting thought. He 7 , a man capable of facing 100.000 people tells the audience with thumb will lose. The result is not worth waiting for. A bottle thrown by supporters knocks Extremadura, I would have to carry on a stretcher.

La Batalla de Belgrado
Juanito was shocked after the bottle. FOTO: Youtube Capture

The Yugoslav aggressions continue and the next victim is Migueli, who is attacked by Halilhdodzic. From there gresca, everywhere punched and kicked until Burns blows the final.

Spain finally gets it, again in a World Cup 12 after years at the expense of Yugoslavia who sees his Pekeño MARAKANA cries desconsalada. Never violence was the way to go.

That party alignment:

Yugoslavia (0): EKatalinic; Hatunic, Boljat, Stojkovic, Trifunovic; Muzinic, Drinking water (Vukotic), Safet Susic, Surjak; Sead Susic (Halilhdodzic), Kustodic.

España (1): Miguel Angel; Marcelino, Migueli, Saint Joseph, Camacho; Leal, Pirri (Elm tree), Installed, Cardeñosa; Juanita (Dani), Cano.

Gol: 76'Ruben Cano.

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