Helenio Herrera, one of the best coaches in history

Helenio Herrera, one of the best coaches in history
Helenio Herrera, one of the best coaches in history. PHOTO: FC Barcelona

Helenio Herrera he was the first great controversial coach in history. A man without mincing words, controvertido, advanced to its time and a revolutionary. Spanish parents, He born in Argentina, raised in Morocco and matured in France, lived its moments of glory in Spain and Italy.

Helenio Herrera was born on 10 de abril de 1910, but also points out that in 1916. Son of Spanish immigrants who had crossed the pond in search of fortune, a los 9 years moved to Morocco, Casablanca specifically where he start playing football.

He developed his career as a player between Morocco and France but did not reach any military equipment in certain relevance, Being the Red Star the best team he played for. According to some biography of Helenio Herrera, He played for the French team made the same federation ruled it does not appear in any of the lists has.

Helenio Herrera, one of the great coaches in football history

The day he hung up his boots began the legend. HH was going to become the coach who was going to change the concept of football. He had a long career as a coach in a career that lasted 36 years and in which he passed through France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, part even of the technical direction of the French selections, Spanish and Italian although he never spoke directly.

Helenio Herrera
Helenio Herrera was a peculiar man PHOTO: Brand

He coached Real Valladolid on, Atlético de Madrid, for four seasons, Malaga CD, Deportivo de La Coruna and Sevilla FC, also for four other campaigns. After a brief stint, en la temporada 1957/58 por la Portuguese League as coach of Os Belenenses, returns to the Spanish League to train for three years, in a first stage, al FC Barcelona.

In 1960 he would reach the top of his career with his arrival at Inter. There HH as it was known, stayed for 8 consecutive seasons with whom he won two European Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and three league titles.

With a solid based on football defensive scheme, El ‘Mago’ how it was going to be defined was going to create the figure of the Libero, the stopper and defense to hang below the bar. In short he was a master of “bolt“, a new system at that time that is attributed to Nereo Rocco and that was going to make Inter a very feared team in the 60's. After the step interista coached Rome, he returned to Inter in 1973 but now with less success, He passed by Rimini Calcio and returned to Barcelona where he retired in 1981, after more than three decades of occupation.

Helenio Herrera was the first controversial coach
Helenio Herrera marked an era at Inter. PHOTO: Brand

In total the palmar consists of:

International titles:

2 European Cups: 1964 y 1965 (Inter de Milan)

2 Intercontinental Cups: 1964 y 1965 (Inter de Milan)

1 Holiday Cups: 1958 (FC Barcelona)

1 Anglo-Italian Cup: 1973 (AS Roma)

National titles:

4 Leagues Spain: 1949/50 y 1950/51 (Atlético de Madrid) y 1958/59 y 1959/60 (FC Barcelona)

2 Spain cups: 1959 y 1981 (FC Barcelona)

1 Eva Duarte Cup: 1951 (Atlético de Madrid)

3 Leagues of Italy: 1962/63, 1964/65 y 1965/66 (Inter de Milan)

1 Copa de Italia: 1959 (AS Roma)

1 Tournament Armando Picchi: 1971 (AS Roma)

Helenio Herrera's light went out on 9 de noviembre de 1997 a heart attack victim, in the city of the eternal channels, Venice leaving behind its wake and a history negligible. With a strong character and a high ego, H.H left some of the best quotes of football history.

The best phrases of Helenio Herrera

“Pele is a violin; di Stéfano, the entire orchestra.”

"My players are instructed to detail. They can not be wrong. My secret? Professionalism, professionalism, and perfectionism. I do not know if I'm the best in the world, but I know I do everything to be. "

“We won this game without getting off the bus”.

"Football is best played with 10 with 11 ".

"I've never had differences with any player, Di Stefano and Kubala included. Clear, provided they do what I say

"Di Stefano is the greatest player ever. More than Pele. Di Stéfano plays on defense, in the middle and front in the same match. Pelé plays only front. Di Stefano does everything from him and also what Pele "

“Once a journalist asked me why I run only big teams, Because children can not pay me”.

“Many believe me omnipotent because they say they know everything. That is not true, failure ever met and I'm proud of it”.

Helenius Herrera among
H.H and Mazzola, two symbols of Inter. PHOTO: Brand

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