Jimmy Johnstone, the best player in Celtic history

Jimmy Johnstone, the best player in Celtic history
Jimmy Johnstone is the best player in the history of Celtic. PHOTO: The Celtic Star

Talk about Jimmy Johnstone is talking about best player in the history of Celtic Scottish Glasgow. We do not say it but the fans of the club who decided to vote the often extreme as the best in its history. Often times because the skillful and fast winger, did not even reach 1,60. Con 515 parties, 129 goals and a multitude of dribbles, won the place of the fans of one of the greats of Scottish football.

Jimmy Johnstone, the best player in Celtic history

Born in 1944, Jimmy Johnstone was one of those known as the “Lisbon lions“, that Celtic who won the European Cup in the capital of Portugal after defeating the powerful Inter de Helenio Herrera commanded by players like Mazzola. Johnstone himself told it in an interview:

"There they were Facchetti, Sundays, Mazzola, Cappellini ... all over eighty feet, with tans , white smile and slicked back hairs. They all looked like movie stars. They even smelled good. And there we were, in years. I had no teeth, Bobby Lennox didn't have any either and old Ronnie Simpson didn't have any teeth up or down.. Italians looked at us from above and smiled at us and we smiled at them with our toothless mouths. We must have looked something like fresh out of the circus ".

The scene, described by himself Jimmy Johnstone it must have been from a movie. But the tiny Scottish winger, drove the rocky Italian team crazy, led by the legendary H.H.. Johnstone had a flea size that would make Messi a pivot at his side, since it measured just over one and a half meters, sobre el 1,57 and with the rest of his classmates, gave a display that despaired what was at that time the most feared team in Europe.

Finally, the offensive and fast game of Johnstone and his teammates took the jack to the water in front of the conservative and boring “bolt” italiano.

A career that took him to the legendary NASL

Jimmy's career stretched from 1962 a 1975 year in which he went to the USA to play in the NASL to later play in England and Ireland. Anecdotally, tell that he was invited to Di Stéfano tribute match and managed to get the fans out of the Bernabéu. He was international with Scotland and played in the World Cup 1974.

In 2001 He was diagnosed with a serious illness that was going to cost him his life in 2006 when he passed away at 61 years going forever to the history of the Scottish club where it is as we said at the beginning of this article, the best player in the history of Celtic and one of those great players who from Colgados, we always like to remember.

Jimmy Johnstone, one of the best wingers in the history.
Jimmy Johnstone, one of the best wingers in the history. PHOTO: As

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  1. The problem with football is that modern players are usually more prominent than old ones. Some time ago I wrote an article on Jimmy Johnstone for my blog and after soaking up minutes and minutes of videos, I realized that he is one of the best wingers that football history has had.

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