Best Boxing Day in History

Best Boxing Day in History
This Boxing Day was the best ever. PHOTO: Doll

Boxing Day is the celebration of football in England. The day 26 from December, second day of Christmas in the English lands, It is one of those appointments marked fire for British. A festive day, full of tradition also has something special, the start of a marathon of football games leading teams of the Premier to play several games in a few days closing and opening the year playing football.

On this day as indicated in England, a whole day in a few hours playing and England, not for football for Christmas, A Christmas gift by fans and of course the hanging for football.

Best Boxing Day in History

According to the legends and data this day has hosted football since 1860, almost nothing. But among the multitude of them held, we emphasize that was possibly the best Boxing Day in History, the celebrated on 1963 where they came to make nothing more and nothing less than 66 goals in 10 matches, multitude of goals scored on the same day.

With results like: Fulham 10 -Ipswich Town 1, West Ham United 2-Blackburn Rovers 8, Burnley 6-Manchester United 1, Liverpool 6-Stoke City 1, Blackpool 1-Chelsea 5, West Bromwich Albion 4-Tottenham Hotspur 4, Nottingham Forest’s 3-Sheffield United 3, Sheffield Wednesday 3-Bolton 0 y Leicester 2-Everton 0, el Boxing Day de 1963 It proved to be the best ever, At least for now.

Boxing Day 1963
El Boxing Day de 1963 It was the best ever so far.
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