How was the football 1965?

¿Cómo era el fútbol en 1965?

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Football as everything in life, It was very different five decades. In 1965, societies and lifestyles were very different as we know. But, How was football? Who were the stars? And the teams that sent in the football scene? We tell you how was football ago 50 years.

The Ballon d'Or that year fue..Eusebio. Black Panther was the player of the moment, not only for his goals but for his way to play football, adelantada a su época. At a time when the physical training just did not exist and players were far from physical portents, Mozambican Portuguese origin noted for its speed, power and strength. One type of player who still take a few years to appear. At that time I walked a certain Pele but the Golden Ball, It was only reserved for players of European nationality.

Inter Milan of Helenio Herrera won the European Cup. He “bolt” It opened way in the world of football and was based titles. H.H as they called the legendary coach, It was a type of those controversial as could be, a role that could embody Mourinho 50 years later. At that Inter won the European Cup 1965 played two Spanish, Luis Suarez and Joaquin Peiro and proclaimed champions against Benfica Eusebio, who as we have already told, He was the European Footballer of the time.

Helenio Herrera llevó al Inter a lo más alto aquel año 1965.
Helenio Herrera led Inter to the highest this year 1965.

Neither UEFA Cup, or Europa League. At that time the Fairs Cup was played and the champion would be a Hungarian team, in Ferencváros. Also at that time it was played a cup that still would last almost 30 More years, the defunct Cup Winners Cup champions collecting cup. The European Cup Winners' Cup 1965 It is going to take West Ham to the Munich 1860.

Another great extinct international competition and also played at that time. Old Intercontinental, now replaced by a substitute something crappy called Club World, He is facing Libertadores champion against the champion of the European Cup. Precisely teams usually play the final of the Club World Cup now. That Intercontinental 1965 which he is still played over two legs, It was won by Inter who took him almost every one year before the team's Libertadores history, el Independiente de Avellaneda.

Copa Libertadores precisely that year won Independiente de Avellaneda, thus earning its way to the Intercontinental it was not going to win against the Italians. The runner-up Penarol and that edition was the top scorer of the tournament, Skin. In South America, the Pacific Cup was also played between Chile and Peru and is going to take Chileans. Curiously 50 Chileans years later they would win his first major title, la Copa América 2015.

In 1965 He also played the African Cup. It was in Tunisia and participated only 6 equipment. Ghana took the tournament ahead of the host. In Spain La Liga and Real Madrid won the Cup Generalissimo, Now the King Cup took Atletico Madrid. As a curiosity, in that league that ended in 1965 (the season 64/65), until 11 repeated equipment 50 First years later.

Levante, Real Madrid, Córdoba, Elche, Deportivo, Barcelona, Athletic, Sevilla, Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Espanyol played in the 64/65 and in the 2014/15 in First Division. Other teams that played that year at first were Las Palmas or Betis also ended in First 50 years later, yes indeed, after moving up 2015. Year 1965 It was also the departure of Di Stefano of Real Madrid.

And the prototype footballer?, the prototype player was very different from the one we know now. An anti hero dress short stubby used to be unless exceptions, bald and little physical size. Players away from the current profile athlete who excelled in other virtues in football that was played otherwise, slower and slow to that of 50 years later.

Como se puede observar, el físico de los futbolistas era muy diferente hace 50 años.
As you can see, the physique of the players was very different ago 50 years.

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