When the players were normal types, as your neighbor

Cuando los futbolistas eran tipos normales, como tu vecino
There was a time when footballers were normal guys and not decorated mega stars.. FOTO: https://elfutbolymasalla.com/

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Hubo un tiempo en el que the footballers were normal guys. The teenagers nowadays, they have as idols footballers full of tattoos, with colored boots, muscular soccer players, handsome, with a different hairstyle every week and millionaires with spectacular cars among other things. That's why, these young people who have not lived another football will think we're crazy if you read this article. Not so much that generation during the 80 y los 90, otherwise lived sport.

cuando los futbolistas eran tipos normales
The image of footballers has changed a lot over the years. FOTO: Sevilla CF

When the players were normal types, ball currant

That time when soccer players were real workers of the sport, running, well paid but generally far from millionaires like today. The passing of time sets the trends in this life. Fashion is not employed in any field of life, but at the time where we're headed in this article the word metrosexual would have been confused by something else, surely.

Formerly, footballers used to be bald with skirting around the neck and temples, with a mustache and a rather questionable athleticism, pulling almost all fondones. Those with hair, were hairy but not usually present a spectacular physical form or underpants as announced today. Sencillamente the footballers were normal guys.

cuando los futbolistas eran tipos normales
When football players were workers. as your neighbor. FOTO: deportesconhistoria.blogspot.com

The boots were black for everyone, If it was cold out in short-sleeved shirt because there was no other, because they played all season with the same. Instead of shorts, en los 80 almost they wore shorts which showed his rough hairy legs, en los 90 pants were already more normal but still without being footballers depilated, far less than tattoos on the legs. Con 30 años, many of them pretended 55 and nothing happened.

The pre-metrosexual soccer warriors

An era where postureo would have been considered an insult to the brave fans who flocked to the fields and watched the match standing in front of a cold steel fences. In football fields where the grass was not a carpet and was often a cluster of mud where it was almost impossible to play but where larger, They were able to do. It was mud with some grass and not the other way around.

They did not wear earrings or bizarre hairstyles, at least the few who had much less hair they could think tattooed arms, forearms, chest, back, legs and even hands and neck as many players today. We speak of a time that seems far away in time but it is not so much, we have not been many decades but we seem the chive grandfather telling these stories.

Tato Abbey, Rafa Paz the Carmelo ‘The Beckenbauer of the Bay’ por poner un ejemplo, They did not have a legion of fans, and they did not sell anything. their physical appearance and way of life were far from that stereotype. The stars of that time as Hugo Sanchez, they were not top rated, as much toothpaste they advertised.

cuando los futbolistas eran tipos normales
Tato Abadía appeared 59 when it just passed the 30. FOTO: Capture Channel +

Currantes football were just going out to break his face onto the pitch because it was his real job, because if they did not eat. Or they were not made millions stellate stars, They were players who could be the driver to take you home in a drunken night, the sympathetic frutero, bald and mustachioed your neighborhood or the plumber who comes when you flood the house for a tap. In fact the vast majority of them ended up working after leaving football. It was another era, football was yesterday, It was another world, one that many people miss at such foolishness and stupidity in football today.

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