Best Uruguayan Soccer Players in History

Los mejores futbolistas uruguayos de la historia
Luis Suarez, Uruguay's top scorer so far. PHOTO:

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Who are they the best Uruguayan footballers in history? Uruguay, a small country of just four million people can boast of having two Olympic gold medals, two World and 15 Copas America. Albergadores the first World Cup ever, football is lived more intensely than any other planet. Only then it explained that in such a small number of inhabitants have left players like the following.

Best Uruguayan Soccer Players in History

Juan Alberto Schiaffino: certainly unanimously and is considered by any good understood as the best Uruguayan footballer in history. attacking midfielder, their arrivals were fearsome opposing goal for all teams, as its tactical vision (perfect) and its ability to invent pinpoint passes that went where he directed his gaze. A genius who also had a glorious moment: in the final of Brazil World Cup 50 scored the first of the two goals of the famous Maracanazo. Penarol player and Rome, Uruguay and South America will hardly another player like him.

Enzo Francescoli: River icon and a wizard of the ball. A different player every talent that made football an art because of its elegance when the ball was on its feet. He spent most of his career in Argentina, but nobody forgets that was one of the architects three Copa America won by his selection in time where Uruguay seemed to have given way compared to Brazil or Argentina. Playmaker with plenty of arrival, he Prince Enzo Francescoli It was the inspiration of a football great: Zinedine Zidane.

Diego Forlan: he is one of the players with the most caps for the sky blue (102). Top scorer and one of the stars of the victory in the Copa America 2011. But there's more, much more. Was Golden Boot of the World Cup in South Africa, where the charrúa brilliantly reached the semifinals. A killer of the area with a single thought: The goal, either with the left leg, right or head, from the middle distance or small area. A goal monster twice European Golden Boot. A data: his father and grandfather were also champions of the Copa America.

Luis Suarez: the top scorer of the Uruguayan national team so far. He has completed a great career at club level in entities as important as Ajax, Liverpool, Atletico and Barcelona. One of the best scorers of the second decade of the 21st century and one of the best Uruguayan footballers in history.

Alcides Ghiggia: one of the great protagonists of the Maracanazo because Ghiggia was the man who scored the winning goal of the charrua, silencing Maracanã as “only the Pope, Sinatra and he knew how to make”. incisor far end goal in their boots, its contribution to Uruguay was reduced to 12 parties. Definitely, the most important. Even so, one of the best Uruguayan footballers in history.

José Leandro Andrade: the first great black player in football history. A precursor aunaba power quality and class to give and take. A genius with his feet he was able to win 1 World and two Olympic Games. Black Wonder was the banner of the years best Uruguay 20, not World Cup 1930, where his contribution was limited because of its poor performance. Music enthusiast, violin and tambourine playing and transmitting that energy so necessary to go to a football field. Americas Cup three times round a track record dream. One of the best players in the history of Uruguay.

Obdulio Varela: “don't think about all those people, not look up, The game is played down, and if we win it will not pass anything, nothing ever happened. Outsiders are stick and the field will be eleven for the eleven. The match is won with eggs on the tips of his boots”.

That was the phrase that said minutes before going to contest the final at Maracana 200.000 Brazilian souls against. It was a statement of intent and a clear metaphor for what he was.

A leader, a moody player, stand, rocky but knew how to play when you had to do. One of those indispensable men every team should have and of course, Uruguay had the great. Without him, there would not have been Maracanazo.

Fernando Morena: top scorer in the history of Uruguayan championship 233 goals. Three top scorer in the Copa Libertadores and fourth best scorer in the history according to FIFA with an average of 0,85 so many per game. He knew a search space and had a special gift: It was infallible in hand in hand with goalkeepers. It was watchword of Peñarol where he won six league. It was in the Rayo and also in Valencia, where he won the European Super Cup.

Hector Scarone: four FA Cups America, two Olympics and of course the World 1930. This bold front was the best reference ever Uruguay. Under his baton, miracles were also made with Nacional where in 20 year career marked 163 conviertiendo many an idol of masses will never forget. The magician, without further ado.

Edinson Cavani: Another of the great scorers that Uruguayan football has left. Contemporary of Suárez with whom he has formed one of the best tandems in the history of Uruguayan football.

Hector Castro: The Manco Castro, the divine one-armed are some of the nicknames of this example of overcoming that with barely 13 years lost his right arm because of a power saw. A freak of nature who scored the first goal in the history of Uruguay in the World and Centenario Stadium. Sufficient merit to be included in this list of geniuses.

Louis Albert Cubilla: Five years in Peñarol, five National, two in Barcelona. And all they wanted was for their great facility for door. It is true that coincided with a low time of selection, unable to lift major titles, but still its mark is that not forgotten, because few things besides the titles missed him the good Cubilla. One of the best Uruguayan footballers in history.

Ladislao Mazurkiewicz

For many one of the best goalkeepers in the history of South America, but the best. With Uruguay he won the South American U-20 Championship in the 64, the South American Championship 1967( Now Copa America) and she reached the semifinals of World Cup 1970, where he became famous for his play with Skin, lto the goal that was not a goal, in this World, was appointed best goalkeeper of the tournament. He played in three World Cups, defending the goal “charrúa”. Ladislao Mazurkiewicz he is the best Uruguayan goalkeeper in history.

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  1. Estimated, the truth is not where this information came. I think it really is quasi slander the history of football Uruguay probably result from ignorance of information handled. I'm the reason my comment. Uruguay football had essentially two stages: first 30 twentieth century and the second half of the twentieth century. In both premium, Uruguay had two global benchmarks considered perhaps the best in the world: Scarone (mentioned and considered the best 10 of the time) and Piendibene (not mentioned and considered the best 9 of the time AND ONE OF THE BEST 9 HISTORY-creator “pared” in football). Undoubtedly this stage, validated by international glasses obtained, It was the time most relative influence of Uruguayan football in the world. Surely they could list many players considered the best in the world and the time (Andrade or Nasazzi are example). The second half of the twentieth century, great victories represented as Maracana, but our players ever at that time were considered the best in the world. However no one can question the ability of Schiaffino or Obdulio Varela, but honestly compare them with previous touches almost immorality. I met players from the era of national quinqueño, who played against the two mentioned, and also they came to watch and play against Scarone almost retired, and they said: It was from another planet. And I did not mention the new benchmarks mentioned football, the truth is only in this generation… but we are erring very ugly if we even close to the monumental of those who built our pride. those men, fruit of a country and very different from today's reality time is absolutely unique. A hug

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