How to choose good soccer shoes fast?

How to choose good soccer shoes fast?
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If you play fast soccer with regular running shoes, it is possible that you have the disadvantage of not having a good grip on the surface of the court and therefore not having good control of the ball. what is the reason for this? Actually, the problem is that conventional sports shoes are not designed to be played on tennis courts. synthetic pasture.

Most of the fast soccer shoes they look like the ones used by tennis players, with the difference that they have harder soles that give more control when you are on the court. Let's get to know some characteristics and advantages that we must take into account when choosing tennis shoes to play fast soccer.


There are several manufacturers in the world of this specific type of sports shoes., The main features of most of the fast soccer shoes is that they have a suede outer shell, leather and a rubber sole. Además, the part of the heel is reinforced to resist and give more firmness to the foot. Apart of this, The rubber sole of these shoes is designed with a herringbone pattern or interlocking triangles for better traction.. The part of the instep is also reinforced to protect the metatarsal bones as much as possible..


Among the main brands of tennis for fast soccer that are used in Mexico are: Adidas, Puma, Diadora, Joma and Nike, just to name a few. Most of them come in black color; sin embargo, nowadays you can also find some that are strong colors like orange, rojo, fluorescent yellow, azul, among others.

Apart of this, the weight of these soccer shoes can be between 250 y 300 grams. The interior has a protective panel. This is to provide a cushioned surface for more comfort when running and kicking the ball.. The laces on almost all models are exposed, sin embargo, there are some styles that can have them under the tongue on the instep.


These shoes are designed to have more traction when you run forward since they are made with a special pattern on the rubber sole which is different from normal running shoes. The fact is that they are designed with this special rubber sole so that you can play on synthetic grass or on a flat surface.. This type of shoe does not provide as much cushioning as soccer shoes 11. For higher comfort, you can opt for gel heels or use cushioned insoles.


Actually, The biggest benefit of fast soccer shoes is that they give you much better control over the ball.. As a result, you can do sprints and cuts more easily. The rubber sole does not leave marks on the surfaces of the courts as it complies with the rules and regulations of fast soccer. Por otro lado, metal or plastic studs can cause significant damage to synthetic grass. Actually, the surfaces of the fast soccer fields are made of pile fibers and rubber granules.


Manufacturers are constantly modifying fast soccer shoes to meet customer preferences.. Por ejemplo, Apart from the traditional type, today there are booties to play fast soccer that provide the player with greater ankle support to achieve better performance when shooting at the goal and to dribble rivals..

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