The fastest serves in tennis history

The fastest serves in tennis history
Sam Groth holds the record for the most powerful serve in tennis history. PHOTO:

A while now, the serve has become one of the most important strokes in tennis. John Isner, Ivo Karlovic, Andy Rodick and a long etcetera based a large part of their game on their excellent service. Today we will review the fastest and most powerful serves so far in tennis history.

The fastest serves in tennis history

Sam Groth es, Today, the man who has made the fastest serve who has registered. The American reached 263 km/h at the Busan Challenger in the year 2012. Con ese ace He managed to save a match point that he had against him at that moment.

Curiously, that same year 2012, Albano Olivetti got one of the fastest serves ever. The Frenchman achieved a service that reached 257 km/h at the Bergamo Challenger.

Next, of the classics like John Isner e Ivo Karlovic. The American tennis player achieved a mark of 253 km/h in a Davis Cup match in 2016. For your part, the croat, also in the Davis Cup in the year 2011, performed a service to 251 km/h.

The most powerful serves in the history of tennis
John Isner has one of the most powerful serves in tennis history. PHOTO:

This list could not miss another great server like Milos Raonic. The Canadian reached 250 km/h in a match corresponding to ATP San José, also, in the year 2012.

already below the 250 km/h we find other great ‘pepinazos’. Andy Rodick llegó a los 249 km/h in a Davis Cup match in the year 2004, Roscoe Tanner reached the 246 km/h in the Indian Wells edition of 1978 y Ryan Harrison los 245 km/h in Cincinnati 2013.

By last, we must highlight the best Spanish server of all time. Feliciano Lopez got a kick out 244 km/h in the year 2014 at queen's.

Georgina Garcia, fastest serve in WTA history

Of course, We could not close this article without highlighting the milestone achieved by Georgina Garcia. The Spanish tennis player holds the record for the most powerful serve (220 km/h) of the women's circuit. It occurred at the Hungarian Open held in the year 2018.

Por detrás, also in the year 2018, we find a serve achieved by Aryna Sabalenka. The Belarusian achieved a mark of 214 km/h.

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