The youngest tennis players to reach the number 1

The youngest tennis players to reach the number 1
Carlos Alcaraz is so far, the earliest tennis player to reach the number 1. PHOTO:

who have been the youngest tennis players to reach the number 1? In the history of tennis we can highlight a select group of early talents. In this article we will review the youngest tennis players who managed to reach the top of this sport becoming number 1 ranking. curiously, no member of the known as Big Three (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic) appears among the chosen.

The youngest tennis players to reach the number 1

Carlos Alcaraz

With his victory in US Open 2022, the Spanish tennis player became the number 1 youngest ever. His year was to frame with 2 ATP titles 500 (Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona), 2 Masters 1000 (Miami and Madrid) there's a Grand Slam (US Open). All with 19 years and barely a season and a half on the professional circuit. Almost nothing.

Lleyton Hewitt

The Australian enjoyed for many years the first position of this list of the numbers 1 youngest in history. Hewitt reached the top of world tennis with 20 years and 8 months old. Was in the year 2001 after winning titles as important as Queen's, Tokyo or the Masters Cup.

Marat Safin

A year before, at 2000, Marat Safin reached the number 1 from ATP. The Russian tennis player got it with 20 years and 9 months of age. That season he won the US Open title and reached the semifinals of the Masters Cup.. Thus, he added his name to the list of younger tennis players to lead world tennis.

John McEnroe

Another mythical name that leaves us this list. John McEnroe was another early talent who managed to get to number 1 with only 21 years and 15 days. It was in the month of March 1980 and his record endured 20 years until it was pulverized by Safin.

Andy Rodick

another american. Andy Rodick burst onto the international tennis scene in the early years of the 21st century. Specific, your arrival at the number 1 occurred in the year 2003 after being proclaimed champion of the US Open. had 21 years and two months old.

Bjorn Borg

More illustrious names. Bjorn Borg he is a tennis legend. The Swede managed to position himself in the first position of the ATP ranking on 23 August 1977. At that time I had 21 years, two months and 17 days.

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