Football: the number 1 sport in the world?

El fútbol: ¿el deporte n°1 en el mundo?

Last update 23 January, 2023 by Alberto Llopis

Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world.. But, because?

The word “popular” Comes from latin populus , that means “pueblo”, “what comes or belongs to the people”. And what sport belongs more to the people than football?? During centuries, football has evolved, has become more and more popular until becoming the sport n°1 in the sites of CryptoBetting españoles . Considered one of the most accessible games, soccer does not require any complex or special equipment. But, is this the only reason football is so popular?

Soccer as a lifestyle

Nowadays, more than a sport, football has become a real way of life. And this applies to both players and fans.. Fans are still active matches, competitions and news about footballers. They like to attend matches of different levels, no matter where they are. For them, there is nothing better than seeing a competition with your own eyes and really meeting your favorite athletes. Cups and championships have become true sources of gifts.

Several attributes can identify a true soccer fan for whom this sport has become a way of life.. They can be clothes, posters or mugs with the symbols of your favorite team or club. This expression of feelings is typical of people who perceive football as part of their daily life..

A sport for everyone

Según la FIFA, soccer is the most popular sport in the world , con 265 millions of players. Why so much interest? First of all, football is not an elite sport. To play soccer you only need a ball, some friends and a goal to score.

Another advantage is that the rules are easy to understand. (except maybe offside!). During 90 minutes, two teams of 11 Players compete to score as many goals as possible by putting the ball into the opponent's goal. You can only hit it with your feet., the chest, shoulders, back and head, but not with hands. Only goalies can use their hands.

suffice to say that, since its inception in 1863 en Inglaterra, soccer has been a favorite sport in playgrounds and after dinner with friends. But, according to the French writer Jean Giraud, in 1930, with the first World Cup in Uruguay, football became “the king of sports and the king of games”.

Footballers are national heroes

Soccer is also viral thanks to its players. Every football fan chooses their favorite player from a young age, whose portraits hang on the walls of her room. wants to be like him, buy a shirt with his number on it, play with their same shoes and go to their matches.

since its invention, soccer has also become the most profitable sport in the world, generating thousands of millions of euros . The portraits of many soccer players appear on sports teams, clothes, cosmetics and even food. As a result, footballers are nowadays, more famous and popular than the presidents of the countries.

Soccer unleashes passions

“All the emotions and the keys to life are found in football”, said the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. You have to watch a football game to realize it. Whether you are a round ball lover or a passing spectator, it is impossible to remain impassive before a missed corner, a goal for the squad or an unsigned foul. We let ourselves be carried away by the environment, and soon we're jumping on the bed, yelling at the attacker to run faster. It's the magic of soccer. Ninety minutes in which passion is above all else.

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